Potty Training: 10 Things Parents Don’t Tell You.

Hello minions, it’s a “Monday” on Tuesday, and I’m sure you’re all dreading getting back to the norm. We spent our long weekend in the pool and watching movies, it was as relaxing as life gets with three little ones. My sister also had her first baby over the weekend, and I could write a whole lot about that, and why it’s the reason pigs might be flying over your house, and why Hell has frozen over. 
Instead, I decided to push my ill feelings toward that subject aside, and give you a post on things people don’t tell you about potty training, so here we go…

1. If you use the potty seat that goes onto your toilet, watch out for the left over pee mist. I haven’t had a problem with my son peeing on the floor, (from the toilet.) but the mist coming off of the pee hitting the mini potty seat, leaves a nice ring of almost invisible pee. You can thank my butt for figuring that one out.

2. Owning a carpet cleaner, spot cleaner, or something of this nature, is SUPER handy for potty training with carpeted areas. If you want to straight up stop using diaper during the day, then get use to scrubbing the floor, or your house smelling like pee. Thank you Bissell, I don’t know what I’d do without a carpet cleaner. (House full of hard floors, but they always manage to get the carpet.)
3. Your toilet has always been a germ factory, but now it’s a million times worse. Be prepared to clean a lot of toilet/bathroom areas. It doesn’t matter if you use a potty chair, or a potty seat, either way there is extra clean up. With the potty chair, you have to break it down and clean it. The potty seat is a bit more user friendly for the parents by taking the “potty bowl” cleaning out of the picture. However, as I said before, you have the pee mist to clean from the seat after every use, but it gets worse! When using the potty seat, the child has to jump off or step down from the potty. This often leads to the child getting down before wiping, and in the case of poo….it leads to a big mess down your toilet. YAY!! Poop patrol! My favorite……said no mom ever.
4. If your child wants to potty train but loves to wear pants…watch out. Not only do you have the hassle of getting two garments out of the way, you also feed the laundry monster. I swear laundry doubles when you’re potty training.
5. BEWARE of the hands! We all know that little fingers are “iffy” to say the least. They touch every thing, and lets face it….boogers are not off limits for these little guys. When you bring potty training into play….you also plant an “unknown to you” seed that grows their curiosity of the body. This means looking at, and of course finding ways to touch themselves. It’s normal, but it’s gross when you consider all the things kids touch. This now means that you’re kids may as well be rubbing their butts on everything they touch….it’s basically the same. Purell and hand wipes are now your new best friends.
6. Your child has interest in the potty, you begin placing/holding them on the big potty. Then you decide to buy a potty chair for them, (in my case a cars potty) since they are so interested and it would be easier for them to use. Only, surprise, surprise, they now don’t want to use the potty. The chairs cool, but they suddenly have no want to use the potty……it happens, back to square one.
7. Boys don’t care as much about sitting in their own mess as girls do. They don’t mind peeing on themselves as much, and it certainly doesn’t slow them down. Forever I was told that boys are the easiest to train, I think this is total bull. My girl was way easier, and quicker to train, they care so much more about not sitting in wet, nasty clothes.
8. When you’re potty training outside the home, bring clothes for yourself as well. The day you don’t bring a change of clothes, is the day your child pees, or worse…..poos all over you. 
9. Don’t be surprised to find your potty training toddler in the corner, pants down, and pooping in a bucket. Potty chairs, and buckets look a lot alike, and for some reason seem like a good place to go when you’re two, and the mood strikes you.
10. Ok, face it. Men love their penises, and so do little boys. They all like to see how far they can pee, or who can write their name in what. This unfortunately includes the “can I make into the sink” game. Just wait until you walk in on your toddler standing on a stack of books, trying to arch his way into victory.
Welcome to the nuthouse! Where the walls are covered in poo, cups occasionally get peed in, and mental break-downs are common. It definitely isn’t a place for the weak, but those who succeed will be rewarded greatly. After all, what better reward than never having to wipe someone else’s butt again….you know, if you make it through.  Haha
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7 Responses to Potty Training: 10 Things Parents Don’t Tell You.

  1. Ann Jones says:

    I was lucky with both of my boys. They were fully trained in a couple of weeks. It helped that I waited until they turned three so no potty chair, just the big potty 🙂 I also just stopped the diapers and went straight to underpants, day and night. Number 10 is very true, with two boys they have peed in the sink and toilet 🙂


  2. I wish!! That's sounds awesome, my daughter was like that at 2. My son started asking to use the potty at about 2 1/2 so I let him do his thing. I then bought the cars potty because he love McQueen and it would be easier for him to use, then came the regression. You just never know what your going to get. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Kimbra says:

    I have potty trained two boys and one girl, let me tell you I would potty train 100 boys over one little girl, potty training is the worst! I wish you all the luck

  4. Well, so far I'd take girls over boys, either way it normally sucks. My hubby says it should just come with ate. Like when they hit 2 they just know and do it…..oh, if only it were that easy. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  5. TK says:

    Thanks for these tips! I've just started training my 19 month old and needless to say, it's not going as planned! Stopping by from Bloggy Moms, by the way!

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I'm glad you found my post helpful and good luck to you one our journey through potty training……here's to hoping its a short one. Haha

  7. Thank you for sharing this! I'll soon potty-train my 9-month old baby, Jaja, and this helps me a lot.

    By the way, followed you via Google+ and Bloglovin. You may visit me at:
    Rosels' Mom Diary

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