Random Hump-Day Thoughts

Did you know that Buddha described the mind as being filled with drunken monkeys who jumped, screeched, and chatted endlessly. Fear, according to Buddha, was an especially loud monkey. Buddha taught meditation as a way to tame the “drunken monkeys” in the mind. According to 55 interesting things about the human mind.) 
Alright, now that we’ve learned something useful? Useless? Knowledge of some sort. (Conversation starter, maybe?)  You decide, or I’ll be here all day.

Let’s just climb into the mind with this weeks Random hump-day thoughts.
1. How do three small people dirty up so many clothes and dishes? When I said hello to motherhood, and signed my life away on the dotted line – I don’t remember signing one that said “Maid transformation form.”  Sure I don’t mind cleaning, but it’d be a lot easier if I could just move the sink around with me. Maybe if I didn’t have to stand in the same spot, looking at the same fence and trees, it wouldn’t be so bad. I can just see me standing on the porch washing dishes, or walking with the kids….who knows…if I could just move the sink, I could do them anywhere.
2. Why is Dora always lost? Someone should get her a GPS. Also, why does she come across strangers (older men, trolls, monsters..etc), and have no worry of stranger danger…..is Dora teaching my kids to talk with stranger? Oh well, I never liked you much anyways…*click*
3. Why do I never see the tornadoes that rip through my house? I can’t count the number of times I’ve cleaned the house spotless, and turned around to find a disaster area once more. Am I blacking out for moments in the day? How can it look this bad, so quick? Isn’t vacuuming three times a day more than enough? It’s all just a never ending circle.
4. I wonder if all these in depth conversations with myself, are some kind of mental imbalance. It can’t be healthy, right? I mean if people didn’t talk to me, I’d never get out of my head. My family always joked that if you answered yourself in your head, then you were crazy. If that’s the case then I’m clearly crazy, I often ask myself questions, and then promptly answer them….all in my head. However, is it crazy if you realize it’s crazy? Wow, now I’m trying to justify my level of crazy, to myself. I wish I could read people’s minds…if only for a day. Then i’d know if people had in depth conversations with themselves, too. 
5. The Fish (my youngest) will be turning one on the sixteenth. My last baby…isn’t much of a baby anymore. Never again will I go through pregnancy, birth, late night feedings, and sink baths. It feels like a huge chapter in my life is ending. I feel old, I’m too young to feel so old.
6. I’ve taken a huge leap and opened a Facebook fanpage. I’m not one to care if anyone gets me or read along, but for some reason this move has me feeling uneasy. Running my blog doesn’t make me feel judged, even if I know that I am being judged. Facebook feels strange, it’s sadly a lot like life. In most cases people want to be liked (loved), and Facebook is certainly all about having the likes. It’s a pity that we’ve begun judging ourselves by how many likes, shares and comments we get on our Facebook. I remember watching a mom show (not sure which), and a mother was complaining about how depressed she was (for years), because only one or two people liked her Facebook post. I’m going to shake this gross feeling off, it’s just nerves from a new adventure, and challenge in my life.
7. If I avoid the dishes long enough, maybe they will do themselves. Or, a gnome, troll, pixie, beaver, wizard…fairy, I don’t care – any will do. 
8. What was Dr.Seuss on? I love his books, and the old cartoons they made, but you have to admit they are quite trippy, and likely drug induced. 
9. My baby has fully found his voice, now begins the period of my dislike for said child. Your repeated ear piercing squeals are rattling my brain. My recent head aches are not happy about this at all, they insist you stop. Of course, you find yourself so cute with your fuzzy little head, and fat baby cheeks, but your squeals are like harpoons to the brain.
10. Why must I feed my kid corn (those in diapers), I hate that corn still looks the same. I mean what is with that? Did it do anything in there? How did I possibly get anything healthy from it….if its still whole? Every time I get a corn poo diaper, it’s as if I’ve stepped into another world. I want throw on a hazmat suit, and cover the room in plastic. It’s the battle of mom vs corn poo. Will mom make it through another diaper without a kernel popping out and touching something? Or worst, a kernel touching me! I’d never be able to eat corn again. Every time I’d try to, my mind would flash back to the moment. I really love corn….I must stop feeding it to the kids….seeing it whole is like that, is just to gross. This explains why I can’t eat corn in refried beans.
And on that note I’ll end for the day, that’s has to be more than enough for even the strangest of people.  haha

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6 Responses to Random Hump-Day Thoughts

  1. April Ko says:

    I feel the same way about facebook!! I'm a new follower and found you on MBC. If you have time, please stop by my blog. http://gogumaadventures.blogpost.com

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leavening a comment. Ill defiantly be checking your out.

  3. I think Buddha had a lot of interesting things to teach and say to his followers that people today could learn to live by.

  4. This is so true, but I really believe it can be said about a lot of great past figures. I don't think people of today put as much pride into our history and past figures. Now, the hottest eat celebrities tweets are treated like profound minds…..what happened to the truly great minds?

  5. Congratulations on starting a fanpage. There is so much to do when you are new to blogging and so many places to go. I love the Dora comment. I have worried that myself. Love your post. Look forward to reading more from you.

  6. Thank you so much, your comment has given my morning a nice positive start.

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