Re-purposing Cardboard Tubes

One of my favorite things to do is finding ways to craft, organize and make life simpler, by re-purposing. In my post today you’re going to get some great ways to reuse: Toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, gift wrap tubes and even mailing tubes. Why throw them away and create more waste, when you could turn them into something wonderful and new!
                  Let’s start with things that will help you out around the house:
-How to keep your electrical cords tangle-free:
We’ve all been there. Spending hours behind a computer or TV, trying to undo the maze of tangled cords. Most of the time, they’re so tangled you can’t tell what cord goes to what electronic. Such an annoying and time consuming problem, right? Well no need to run out and buy any expensive gadgets this time, all you’re going to need is a toilet paper or paper towel tube.
To help with untangling, simply place the cords through your tubes. I would use at least one tube, for each electronic and two if the electronic involves a lot of different cords. This will keep your cords sorted by electronic, keeping your sanity, a bit more intact. Another great use for these tubes, is too keep those stubborn, unsightly cords, hidden. We’ve all tried shoving them under the microwave or repeatedly jamming them in between the appliance and the wall. No more need for that, now all you need to do is, is fan fold the extra bit of cord and slide your tube right over it. This will keep that bit of extra cord, both untangled and out of sight.
– Extend your vacuums reach:
We all have those hard reach places, whether it’s a spider web in a corner or dust bunnies under the couch. You can now get the task done in no time and without all the extra work. All you need an old gift wrap tube, just secure the tube to the end of your vacuums hose and now you have an extended reach. You will now be able to easily get in those high corners and by flattening one end, you will be able to reach far under those tight couch spaces.
– DIY Fire Logs:
Love a good fire but hate buying kindling or starter logs? Then grab yourself and old toilet paper or paper towel tube and make your own. For kindling, it’s as simple as cutting the tube into strips. To make your own logs, you will cover one end of the tube with tape. Then you will pack the tube with strips of old newspaper, then tape-off the other end of your tube. Now you have your very own logs without the hassle of cutting the wood or the expense of buying it. *Note: When making the starter log, remember that the tighter you stuff it, the longer your “log” will burn.*
        –  Boot Savers:
If you’re a fan of boots, you’ve likely come across the problem of a storing them without a droopy cuff. If you’re unfamiliar with this problem, is when the cuff of the boot, folds over and hangs, when not being worn. This might not seem like much of a problem but it can become an unsightly nightmare. Leaving the cuff to just hang, begins to cause a crease in the cuff and will eventually leave “wrinkles”. So if you want those cute, new boots to stay that way, you’re going to need a solution. You could go out and pay a boat load in boot fillers but it’s all very unnecessary. All you really need is an old mailing tube place inside the cuff to keep them standing and holding their shape. No more sag, no more crease or wrinkles and no more ruining your favorite boots.
– Important papers and documents:
You can keep your important documents wrinkle free, crease free and safe! Simply by rolling them up and placing inside of a paper towel roll. Of course, you could use any tube for this, just pick one that’s large enough for your papers, documents, pictures, maps, art or even those adorable (paper) crafts, your kids create.  You can also write the dates on your tubes, making it easy look back and see remember when each item was done, without having to write on the artwork or other documents, themselves.
– Storage for crochet and knitters:
Enjoy knitting or crochet, but hate when you lose or bend a hook/needle? Well, all you have to do is grab an old paper towel tube and close off one end. Then you want to tape off the top and begin inserting your needles through the tape. This will hold them in place while also keeping them safe from being bent or getting lost.
– Yarn Storage:
Loose yarn and yarn ends, always seem to end up with tangled or knotted. It can be a crafters worse nightmare! Don’t fear though, by grabbing one your trusty tubes, you can save yourself that fight! Take a toilet paper tube and cut a notch in each end. Then you will place one end of your yarn in of the notches to secure it in place. From there, you will being wrapping the yarn around the tube, until you reach the end. Then secure your yarn end to the other notch, securing it in place. This will keep your yarn from become unraveled, as well as create an easy to use roll or “ball”, that can be used as is or on a holder. (Ex: Standalone Toilet paper holders, standalone paper towel holders, pvc pipe or anything of the like) This will make your crafting time, much more enjoyable, as well as quicker because it saves you from always having to untangle your yarn.
        –  Hair Curlers:
Who doesn’t enjoy sporting a nice curl, wave or “beach” hairstyle?  What we don’t enjoy, is spending all that money on rollers, creams, gels and sprays. But that’s ok, now all need is a few old tubes. You can use any light weight tube that you have around. Simply cut your tube a few “rings”. The bigger you want the curls, the bigger you want the “ring”. Take each ring and wrap hair around, just as if you were putting the paper back onto the roll. Then secure you hair by sliding a bobby pin over your hair and you “ring”. Leave “rings” in for at least an hour to get fuller, smoother, flowing curls.
– Hairband storage:
I don’t know about all of you, but it seems like my hairbands are always getting lost or running off! To solve this problem, I just grab that old toilet paper tube and place my hair bands on. This keeps them secure and in place, without stretching them out.
– Fabric storage:
You can easily store your left over fabric, by rolling it up and placing it in old tubes. To help organize your scraps, you simply cut off a small sample and staple or glue it, to the outside of the tube.
– Traveling tip:
When on trips, you can keep your panties and pantyhose safe, as well as out of site. All you need to do, is roll them up, place them in the tube and pop them right into your bag or suitcase. It will keep your garment safe, rip free, organized and best of all, out of sight.
– Linen storage:
To keep your fancy napkins and tablecloths wrinkle/crease free, wrap them around card board tubes. Instead of having to iron them out on those special occasion, you can just unroll and enjoy. It won’t only keep them looking nice, it will also save you time. Both a win, in my book.
– Pants’ Problems:
Isn’t it so annoying when the hanger leaves a crease in your favorite pants and you have to iron it out? Well, no more! You can solve this little pants’ problem by grabbing that old paper towel tube and cutting it length wise. After that, all you have to do is place it over the hanger and tape the tube back to together. Now you’ll never have the worry about those annoying creases and you’ll be able to skip the ironing too!
– Christmas time saver:
It’s the same story every Christmas, you pull out the Christmas lights and end up in the middle of tangled mess, which of course always takes hours to undo. You could go out and spend the money on a storage roller or you could save by using an old cardboard tube. All you need to do is wrap the lights around your tube and place the loose ends inside, then secure with tape. Keep your lights tangle free, neat and organized. No more sad faces when getting the lights out at Christmas up and it will save you a ton of time. *The best thing is that you can use all those old gift wrap tubes at the end of the season. So gift wrap really gives you two products in one. Wrapping paper and Christmas light storage.*
– Fluorescent Lights:
Have fluorescent lighting? Ever broke one and had to cleaning it up? If your answer is yes, then save yourself the trouble by using an old gift wrap tube. Simply tape off one side of tube, then place your light inside and secure the other end. This help keep the light safe and if it should bust for any reason, the contents of the light will be contained.
– Bag storage:
Plastic bags are a great reuse for bathroom or bedroom trash cans but all the extra bags can become a hassle. To remedy this, take a toilet paper tube and tape it to the back of your trashcan, then place your extra bags inside. This will keep them out of site and within reach, at all the same time. Keeping you organized, while also saving you time, by being so conveniently located.
– DIY starter pots:
Cutting old toilet paper roll in half and old paper towel tubes in fourths to create your own starter pots. Just line a tray with your cut tubes and pack them with soil, then add your seedling. From there, simply water and enjoy, as usual. The best part is that transplanting them into your garden is as easy as removing them the tray and planting them. No extra work, No risk of damaging your plants and no extra money spent.
– Creative envelope:
All you need to do is flatten the tube, then place your letter inside. Seal your envelope by taping off or stapling the ends. Add postage, address and mail it off.
-Desk Organizer:
 Line an old shoe box or tissue box with toilet paper tubes. Secure tubes in place by gluing them to the bottom of the box. Great for holding pens, pencils, markers, glue sticks and much more! No more chasing them around the desk or drawers.
      Recycled Tube Crafts For Kids:
– Make toilet paper tube animals or creatures:
  CLICK HEREfor hundreds of great crafts to make, with pictures and instructions.
– “Blocks”
Use old tubes of all shapes and sizes to build log cabins, castles, huts or even little cars. Imagination is your limit.
-Musical Instruments:
1. Help your kids make their very own maracas by sealing off one side of your tube. Then fill your tube with rice, beans, pebbles or beads. Now seal off the other end, decorate and enjoy.
2. Create your own kazoo by covering one end of a paper towel tube with wax paper. Then cut three holes in the middle and blow into the open end of the tube. You can use the holes to create different pitches by covering one, two or even all three.
– Great for Mother’s Day:
Cover a toilet paper tube with construction paper or pipe cleaners to make a cute and unique vase for fake flowers.
– Game:
Decorate toilet paper tubes and line them up for your very own bowling game. Simply, fast, creative and fun.           
*As an added bonus, cardboard tubes offer plenty of space to write to, for: Labeling, sorting, and general organization*
I hope you enjoy these useful, tube re-purposing hacks and crafts.  Please fill free to leave a comment, share your useful tips or share with your friends.

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  1. As a Pre-k teacher i have used these many times. But who knew there were so many great uses in the home. I have used a wrapping paper roll for my vacuum before… It works! i will definitely use for hair ties, that my tween leaves everywhere! And for plastic grocery bags that I store in plastic grocery bags! love the tips!

  2. It is amazing and such a great way re-use instead of creating more trash. I'm so glad you enjoyed and were able to get some tips! Thanks so much so stopping by.

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