Reflecting: Mother’s Day.

Women stand at my hands and feet, they pamper me with lotions, and pretty nail polish topped with bling. After a relaxing message, and a shopping spree for that perfect dinner dress, I was on my way home to finish beautifying myself. After all, today is Mothers Day, and I’m the queen around here.

*BANG, BANG, BANG*     “Mom, get up!!! Jrs taking the babies diaper off.” Screams my daughter like a bat-shit crazy, manic parrot.
I jump from the bed to realize my pampering was only a dream, and it was in fact Mothers Day. However,  for a mother of three little ones, and a full time house wife…..Mothers Day is pretty much, just another day. Time to face reality.
I hop to my day like any other, today I’m happy the baby didn’t take his morning poo. Sure my middle child took the babies diaper off, but at least I didn’t have to start my morning with an epic Mother’s Day poo bonanza. Of course, my middle son did poo, and was in a bad mood about it, which is when I found out that I only had two diapers left – which meant I needed to get to the store after breakfast.
I then hurried along to get breakfast out, which I didn’t get a chance to take part in. That was followed by dishes, and a bunch of other household chores. Once my kids were done eating, I loaded them up, and headed to the store (alone, since daddy was busy doing “business”), I returned home – where my kids had random fights over toys, and drove me the usual amount of crazy. I also did some grocery shopping. When I returned home from that, I cleaned my carpets. 
Finally, I was getting my Mothers Day dinner of ribs – seasoned and rubbed down. My hubby was super excited to grill them for me…..he tried so hard, but most of them were badly burnt, and certainly not edible. (I knew I should have done it myself.) This lead to another trip to the store for me, I had to save dinner, and the kids were of course “starving” by now. 
I ended up turning the edible ribs into a rib meat calzone. I didn’t really want pizza, but it was the quickest and easiest thing I could come up with. The night continued on with it’s normal routine of clean ups, bed time prep and finally, bed time. 
The day was long, hard at times, and a bit annoying. Things aren’t always sunshine, and rainbows around here. I’ve come to find that this is often the case with holidays. Sometimes they’re just destined to fail, it’s not always a cake walk.
My Mothers Day was nothing near what people would consider ideal. I wasn’t smothered with love, or drowned in gifts. I didn’t get a day off, or a little peace and quiet. It all sounds bad, doesn’t it? 
Here’s the thing, though it sounds bad….it’s really just a matter of how you look at it. Here’s what I didn’t say…. The bangs on the door didn’t come until eleven a.m. My daughter had been playing with the boys all morning, she was unaware it was Mother’s Day. She just likes to spend some mornings with the boys, and on these mornings, I get a chance to sleep in. These mornings are always a much welcomed surprise. 
My trip to the store wasn’t so bad because my middle child actually did as his is suppose to. He held my hand right as he got out of the car, he walked, and kept up in the store, while keeping his hands off of the merchandise. A rare occasion indeed. 
I may have done a lot of chores that day, but things needed to be done, and I hate to see a mess. It wasn’t a big deal for me, and my hubby helped out, which was nice of him, because I’m kind of old school. It can sometimes bother me to see him clean when I know he already works so hard. I’m a woman who belongs in the home, and he’s a man who belongs to the position of bread-winner. You know how it is, he brings home the bacon, and I fry it up. Haha
My children didn’t ignore me, or anything awful. They were the normal amount of loving, and they did a pretty awesome job of listening.  My hubby tried super hard to make it a good day, even if it often blew up in his face. 
My ribs got burned (mostly), but I created a yummy new BBQ rib calzone. I could dwell on the negative side, but I say why? I feel that the reason a lot of holidays turn out bad, is because we put far too much into them. We put way too much pressure on ourselves, and those around us. 
I notice a lot of posts, status updates and tweets from moms who are depressed, or angry because they didn’t get some ideal Mother’s Day gift, trip or surprise. They fail to be happy with what their family did do for them, and the love that was given to them. I see no reason for this, so what if you didn’t get the diamond ring, new car, fancy dinner or a million roses? It should make or break you, one way or the other. 
Was your family alive, well and with you? Did you get hugs, kisses or I loves you (s) at some point? If the answer is yes, then shouldn’t that be enough? I personally don’t put much into Mothers Day. What’s one day of love compared to the love you receive everyday, the love that grows as your family does. What more of a gift do you need than the gift of your children? 
I don’t want my kids to grow up and think that on this one day, every year, they should shower me with love or worst yet, feel forced to. I want my kids to love me everyday, and to shower me with the normal coloring page gifts, and wonderful memories that I will cherish, until I’ve passed on.  Wouldn’t you want the same for your children? Wouldn’t you rather be happy with your family everyday than try to achieve the ideal “happy” one time a year?
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