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Just before Thanksgiving I received my Rose VoxBox from Influenster. It was suppose to come about a month earlier but they experienced some shipping problems. Needless to say, I was super happy when it finally arrived. It’s like Christmas but without all the shopping for other people. If you’re not familiar with Inflenster, it’s basically a review program for new products. That being said, I was in fact sent this products free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
This month I received the Dr.Scholls Cozy cushions, a package of BelVitas new breakfast biscuits, Kiss Nail Art (Graduation nails.), Lindor Truffles and Rimmels Scandaleyes Retro Mascara.

Product 1

Well start with Dr.Scholls Cozy Cushions.
At first I was trying to figure out how to test these, since I don’t wear formal shoes, boots or anything with a closed toe, really. However, I just happened to have a pair of those ugly, slide on shoes that almost look like ballet shoes. I have no idea what you call them but the point is that I was able to slip this Cushions right in and give them a try.
I got to really try them for the first time in the hospital as I needed something that would keep my toes warm. Not only were they comfortable like cozy house slippers but the fuzzy cushion left my feet nice and toasty. The perk is that my feet were left warm with the nasty sweaty feeling. Though these are fuzzy and might believe they’d make your feet gross, I can assure you they won’t. Your feet are still able to breath and the inside is not left damp. If you’re someone whose feet sweat a great deal in boots or formal shoes, then I’d certainly suggest a pair of these cozy cushions. Save your shoes from stinking up the house and help your feet to breath with these nifty little inserts.

Product 2

Kiss Nail Art- Gradation Polish
I was so excited to see some fun polish in this months box….however, I wasn’t as happy once I gave it a shot. The process is simple enough and promises a professional looking manicure. Now, I’ve been painting my nails a long time but this stuff wasn’t for me. If anyone is getting a decent look out of this nail polish than they’re probably doing nails for a living. The picture offers a wonderful looking manicure that should make any lady happy. The steps are as easy as applying the first bottle twice, the second bottle once and the third should go right on the wet coat of bottle two.
So the big to-do is over the layered look. Basically, coat 1 & 2 go full nail then 2 is a half coat and the 3rd is a tip cover. The bad thing is that the glitter is huge pieces that look clumped when applied. Though I did manage to flatten it out the glitter then looked almost none existent. I couldn’t find a happy medium to save my life.Admittedly the second attempt went better but still wasn’t something I’d wear.
All three bottles of polish are filled with a glittery color, by the time I was done I felt like I should be in middle school. I was instantly thrown back to the age of 13 when glittery nails were the “thing”. I saw a lot of reviews that claimed this was for trendy ladies. I believe ladies was used loosely because I would say this for girls. It would make a fun sleepover activity but as far as I’m concerned, that’s about all it’d be good for.
Also, if you’re going to give it a try I advise having a large bottle of nail polish remover because the amount of glitter in all three bottles will have you there all night trying to pry it off. A nail soak would be far easier!

Product 3- Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Mascara

As far as Mascara goes this product isn’t all that different. The applicator is very wide, though the brush is better spaced for a no clump application, it causes the process to be a bit harder. I imagine it to be almost impossible to use for those with very short eyelashes. Though applying to your top lashes is not all that difficult, the bottom lashes are a whole other story. With the brush being much fatter it leaves very little room to apply without touching skin. As far as clumps are concerned id say good luck. Though it wont leave you with large, clumped up eye lashes it will leave a thick layer with tiny clumps. The top which comes to a narrow neck thats suppose to remove excess mascara only ends up leaving a clumped area on the end of your brush.
Basically, I’ve used worse and Ive used better. if you looking for a decent Mascara that will give you big lashes, then id suggest you give it a try. However, if your just looking for a little fullness or color, you may want to with a mascara that has a smaller, more defining applicator.

Product 4- BelVita Blueberry Breakfast Biscuit

For something that claims to be healthy for you, it is surprisingly tasty. We all know that healthier foods aren’t always the best tasting. However, i found the BelVita Breakfast Biscuit to taste just like a Blueberry muffin, butter and all. Of course, this isn’t a soft muffin or a fluffy cookie. Its sort of like a dog biscuit, as far firmness goes. If you plan on trying these then you should have some strong teeth, this bad boys taste great but they are not for those with sensitive teeth. Other then being very hard, they’re great. I suppose they would be a good replacement for cookies as they would pair perfectly with a nice glass of milk.

Product 5 is the Lendor Truffles, you can see these pictured up top.

If you like a nice chocolate shell with a smooth chocolate center, then you ll love these truffles. The chocolate is far from over powering, yet far from underwhelming. Your taste buds will dance in delightful chocolate bliss. The good things is that they aren’t so sweet that you feel a bit sick after one but they are also satisfying enough that you shouldn’t feel the need to eat the whole bag. Though, if you do, no worries, i wont judge you for it. 🙂


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