Review: Sargento Cheese

(Disclaimer: I received complementary products from Influenster & Sargento.   However, all opinions and views are my own.)

This week I received my first VoxBox from Influenster, YAY me! This Voxboxes theme was cheese, and if you know my family…you know we LOVE cheese. So much so, I’m considering buying stock, haha.

Inside I received a coupon for a cheese product, a $1 off coupon and an insulated cheese stick holder.

Within the hour we were off to the store, and in search of cheese. Thankfully for us, they just happen to have a new product   (Sharp Cheddar-Jack cheese sticks) on the shelves, so we gladly grabbed it up.

After another 10 minutes in the store and 10 in the truck of “Mom can I have a cheese stick?”, we finally arrived home where my bunch quickly ate half the bag. Of course they loved it, though I’m not sure how much they actually tasted them.

For me, it was a very pleasant experience! Personally, I find many cheese sticks to be overly rubbery, and lacking in flavor…or worse, leave an unpleasant after taste. Admittedly, I often buy the cheapest of products because we eat so much cheese. Sargento isn’t your most cost efficient choice but the saying “You get what you pay for”, couldn’t be more true.

I loved how the cheese was not chewy like most cheese sticks. Not only that but the Duo cheese stick worked together as a wonderful team. The Jack cut the Sharp Cheddar just right, leaving nothing but cheese heaven in your mouth. Im pretty sure I won’t be going back to any “normal” cheese stick after tasting Sargentos, its going to be the Boars head peperoni situation all over again. No other chesse will do now.

I also found that this cheese sticks are much more like mini cheese blocks, and taste just as if you sliced a piece off the block. I was also able to grate the cheese easily. I’m aware that normal people probably don’t grate cheese sticks, but I can tell you that if you need some shredded cheese and all you have is Sargento Cheese’ll totally work.

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