Self made prison

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Self made prison –  (poem)

Cement, brick.
Cement, brick.
I build the walls thick.

My solitude,
My fortress,
Brick by brick.

I dig the mote,
Fill the walls with ammo,
And surround it in land mines.

Too many times I’ve met war
And now I’m out to save me.
Heal the burning cuts of my flesh.

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Start over,

Tell the truth.

Walled in,
Hid away,
Invisible today.

My prison,
Torturous fortress,
Self made, brick by brick.

I tried to drown but swam.
I fired the gun but missed.
I walked the mines and lived.

I fought the battles
And I was out to save me.
it was only suppose to be one cut

But a crimson red stream, flows free.
Escaping misplaced dreams,
Ripped at the seams.

No one to hear the screams,
When you’re walled in and hid away.
Invisible from the world today.


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