Struggling the Monster

There’s a monster that sits within me.

Hidden deep beneath my soul.

It slowly eats away at me,
Through fits of jealousy.
Some call him greed.
He’s selfish and mean.
And he sits deep within me.
He plays mind games that leave me in a fit of rage.
My brain is trapped in this haze.
My thoughts have become a maze.
I spend so many days stuck in a daze.
Only envy left in my gaze.
I have become his slave.
He is my inner struggle.
The source of my turmoil.
Slowly ruining me.
Fears have become my worst enemy.
Leaving me to feel perpetually alone.
Constantly lost in the crowded sea of human waste.
I have lost my way.
I have become invisible
No longer an individual.
These feelings leave me so miserable.
Man made and self propelled.
Trapped in my own hell.
Where I can’t help but fail.
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