It was a wonderful weekend, a little short but still good. I was able to accomplish a lot, as my two oldest stayed with Meemaw for the weekend. So for about 15hrs of my weekend I ran around like mad, but in a very successful way. I completed more tasks in this time then I image most people cover in a week. Still managing to find time for family, my daily chores and friend visiting.
Mommy battles – 1,000. Life-250, take that life! *Makes karate chop sounds while showing off my super ninja like skills* Yes, it is true, I am super mom, haha. I change diapers faster than the speed of light, vomit is no match for me, and I have the power to be anyone.  (Mom, doctor, judge, lawyer, nurse, cook, hotel, etc…) I stand strong and mean to those who matter, no shame in my game.
With that fact (awesome opinion), I would like to make a stand on the super mom, do it all debate. I say YES!! There are super moms. We are all super moms. All it takes is hard work, love for your family, the pride to accomplish, confidence to believe, and faith in yourself to see you through.
Broke down, it all sounds a lot harder than it is. The first step, and really, the only true step – is to set your mind to it and do it! If at the end of the day, you can say you did it better than your best – then you’re doing it right. There is time to clean, cook, play, shop, work and sleep. As mothers we have the power to multitask like no one else. We can talk business on the phone, change a diaper, tame a toddler and check our email all at the same time.
Maybe you are saying, well I don’t want to constantly be doing things. That’s okay, you don’t have to be that way. As a parent it comes naturally, you should be busy! If at the end of the day, my body aches and the bed feels like a giant cloud I can sink into. Then I know I did my job right, I know I worked hard and accomplished plenty. To me, it is a magnificent feeling! It’s another night I can check being a super mom off on my list.
To make our life easier, we live by a routine.  It’s not overly strict or timed down to the minute, but it works for us. Mon-Fri my hubby works 10am to 7pm and my daughter attends school Mon,Wed & Fri. If I have to shop, it’s done on Wed, and I leave the other errands for the weekend. During my days, I care for the kids and the house. (I should mention I run everything to do with the home and our kids)
The morning starts with an early wake from the baby, and then it’s up to begin feeding everyone. After breakfast it’s a quick clean-up, and a few morning cartoons to start the day. (This is where I squeeze in Internet time) In this 30mins I will change two diapers, get at least two drinks, play several games of pick-a-boo, and do the little piggies. Now that I’ve had a minute to wake, it’s off to start school work or reading with one or both of my oldest. Before long it’s 10 and daddy is out the door, now I have 3 children who are mad, and think I’m evil because daddy has to work. Yay me!
This is where the “ask for everything” phase sets in, and we will eventually settle on a cup of water. Two cups of water later and I’m corralling the kids together – to pick up the sudden toy tornado that ripped through the house. Then it’s the daily clean, all floors, counters, bathrooms and surfaces. Washed, wiped, shined, thrown out or organized. That’s all done by lunch. With lunch comes another mess of dishes, and yup – yet another toy tornado has ripped through the house. Where was that on the weather forecast? One more clean-up later, and here comes nap time.
If I’m lucky my two youngest will nap, only in a miracle will my oldest. In this hour or so, my daughter and I will do some sort of craft. This of course leads to a mess, and yet another clean up session. (The memories are great…at least that’s what I keep telling myself. Haha) The boy gets up and has his snack which leads to play time, then reading, baths and a little TV time. Before you know it, here comes dinner, daddy’s arrival, and the night routine starts to kick in. Eating, cleaning, reading, brushing, changing, playing, singing, more reading, TV and about a million more thing finally lead to sleeping children.
Now I get a little time with my husband before bed. In a short look it seems I may not have to do a whole lot. However, if your throw in things like potty training, teaching sing language, expanding young minds, outdoor play and the million games we play in between. Not to mention the random poop explosions, vomiting, egg explosions, and other random mischiefs children find their way into – it turns out to be rather time consuming.

I sit down only minutes at a time, I insist my home be clean, I teach my children to do right, I take care of everything, but above all – I make my husband and family happy. I run 100 miles a minute and I love it this way, I am a super mom, who can and will do it all. So can you, from the working mom to those who stay home. We all work hard, we all do our best, and none of us should feel like we can’t be that super mom image. I want everyone out there to remember that we are strong, powerful, and in control of our lives. We make it what we want it to be, you can give in and be lazy, or stand tall and join the super mom club. No matter what, as long as you’re giving it your all – you’re a supermom in my book.
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