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So, you want a blowjob?

I suppose after a post like Just Eat It, it’s only right to cover the task of blowjobs. I know, I know. “Shh. Yuck. What a dirty word!” Seriously though, it’s time to get over that nonsense. Dick is good, dick is … Continue reading

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Vaginal Protection For The Wilderness

A while ago, I wrote a post about the show ‘Naked and Afraid’, entitled Survivalist Gone Wild. ( Click it, you want to know) Through my search term stats, I found that someone had come across the post by searching … Continue reading

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Minion Army pulls in another Award! The Liebster Award!

  HELLO Minion Army, I’m back with another award nominations, thanks to Cristyl @ Chill Thoughts. If you don’t know her, then you should!!! Go give her some love and let her know you come from the Minion Army!! Now … Continue reading

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