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Vaginal Protection For The Wilderness

A while ago, I wrote a post about the show ‘Naked and Afraid’, entitled Survivalist Gone Wild. ( Click it, you want to know) Through my search term stats, I found that someone had come across the post by searching … Continue reading

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Googling with NoHumdrum-Mum

Today, I asked google one of the oddest questions I think I’ve ever asked. Okay, maybe not the oddest but it’s up there with “What is blue waffle?” And “What does “shrimpin” mean sexually?”. Me “Hello my good friend google. … Continue reading

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The Miracle that is Birth

Birth is a wonderful and glorious miracle. Could any other act be as beautiful? Sure, there’s a bit of pain but once that little bundle of joy arrives, none of that matters anymore. The pain is non-existent, all those months … Continue reading

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Survivalists Gone Wild!

  Naked and Afraid Have you seen it? Have you heard of it? No? Well, please allow me to fill you in on Discovery Channel’s new show, Naked andAfraid. When I first saw it on the guide, I admit, my mind … Continue reading

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Minion Army pulls in another Award! The Liebster Award!

  HELLO Minion Army, I’m back with another award nominations, thanks to Cristyl @ Chill Thoughts. If you don’t know her, then you should!!! Go give her some love and let her know you come from the Minion Army!! Now … Continue reading

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Attack of the Mutant-flies

I’ve been very busy working on a huge crochet project. Since I don’t have a post ready for you guys, I thought I’d reach into my files and give you a random post. This post comes from a prompt to … Continue reading

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Dear New Mom

Dear new mom, You’ve happily ushered in your new bundle of joy and for the first time, it feels like the rest of your life has begun. After all, nothing defines ’til death do us part like being a mother. … Continue reading

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