His Return

I lay in a light sleep and listen to the crashing of waves and the occasional squawking seagull out early for his breakfast, flying overhead. I peak through sleepy eyes and watch for a moment. The lace curtains dance in the breeze around the open window.  The scent of sweet ocean air drifts in – it’s crisp, cool currents enlighten my senses, inviting me to wake. However, the sun has not yet come to meet the land and my bed is much too comfortable. Sleep wins in the end and I swiftly fade off again.

A growing warmth pulls me from my slumber; against me, I feel the heat of another’s body close behind. A hand travels beneath the sheets, fingers run along my thigh and up my side. Their touch so light it tickles, causing me to stir as his fingers graze my side but I lay silent, waiting to see what he’ll do next.

His arm comes around my waist and pulls me in close; our bodies now firmly pressed together. His cock is hard and warm, pressed against my bare ass. Butterflies take flight in my stomach, pulling me far from my drowsiness and deep into excitement. I stay quiet, unwilling to let him know I can be overtaken so easily – knowing he loves the challenge.

Through sleep hazed eyes, I peak out to see the large French doors now standing open. A faint line of pink and orange has risen just above the water – dividing sea from sky. The breeze has picked up and the waves now crash harder on the beach as the tide rolls in. I wonder when he arrived but not willing to give myself up to ask, I continue faking sleep.

He runs his fingers back and forth along the crease where hip meets thigh – traveling just a little further down with each pass. He teases me, coming close enough so I think he might slip between my legs but pulling back just as soon as i’m sure he done playing this game . My heart races and the butterflies are still in flight – he fills me with a giddy nervousness and I have to fight to hold the giggles back – still unwilling to let him know he’s winning.

He soon abandons his attempt of teasing me awake and his hand travels back up my side. His arm slips beneath mine and his fingers trace my nipple then he grabs a hold of my breast as if he were claiming it as his. His breath is warm on my shoulder, as his lips graze past; he leaves a trail of kisses, growing firmer the closer he gets to my neck.

I fight to keep my breathing even but as he playfully begins to bite at my flesh, I lose the battle. My hearts racing too fast and my arousal is too high, for me to have any control over it any longer. I fight back the moans, not ready to give him the satisfaction of victory but he’s two steps ahead of me. His hand slips down my front – no games this time, he means business.

His slips a finger between my legs and begins rubbing my clit. I bite my lip, holding back the moans but my hips can’t lie as they begin to rock against him. He knows the game I’m playing and he’s determined to break me, to hear my moans fill the room. I fight hard to hold back any noise and I think I’ve won this round as he pulls his hand back and his arm disappears.

I wonder what he might try next but the thought doesn’t last long. I gasp heavily as I feel his cock slide in from behind and his hand grip my hip. He pushes himself deep and my battle of wills is quickly lost as a moan escapes me. I laugh at how quickly the tables have turned and ask when he arrived but he doesn’t answer and I don’t care enough to ask again, I’m just glad he’s finally here.

He pulls me back in close, bringing his arm under mine as he takes hold of my shoulder. His grip is firm and his thrust is hard, producing a moan with every thrust of his hips. His hand slides from shoulder to throat, his grip firm but not choking as he pushes my head back, exposing my neck more. His hips continue their rhythmic motion as he nibbles at me. My hips rock with his, almost as if we were dancing and my moans grow louder as my body begins to shake against his – overwhelmed with pleasure.

A heat builds up in me as a chill overtakes my flesh – a battle between hot and cold makes me shiver in confusion and excitement. As my moans grow stronger and closure, he grows faster and harder until my chills collide with the building heat inside and I explode in a fit of shivering moans. My building heat has now released and is wildly running out over his shaft.

His arm comes around me as he rolls back, pulling me on top of him. I straddle him, back still facing him and begin to bounce as his hands grip me from behind, pulling me down as hard or as light as he wishes – teasing me as he pleases. Then his hands release and I take the moment to turn around. He smiles, approving of my skill to keep him inside of me as I do.

I come down to meet him, his cock now deep inside me as our lips meet feverishly, for the first time since waking. I grind against him as his fingers now dig into my back, keeping us firmly pressed together and him deep inside me. I can feel him pulsing within me, filling me, stretching me. My pussy throbs with an ache only he can relieve.

I push up off of his chest, breaking his hold and lower myself back to the base of his cock – ready to take control but he has other plans. He pushes my arms away and raises up, tossing me onto the bed. I squeal in shock and giggle as he crawls up between my legs, bringing his broad frame over me. His hands hold my arms to the bed, at the wrists. He kisses me firmly. I fight playfully, as if I can overpower him but he pulls my wrists together, restraining them with one large paw. He places his other hand beneath my head and takes a hold of my hair, confirming who’s in charge. I happily submit.

His fingers compose a symphony on my skin; notes written in harmony, arousing me to sing out in melody. Sweet Crimson lips meet mine; trailing kisses down neck, over shoulder and cleavage. His lips descend my stomach, tongue gracing pelvis, colliding with clit causing my hips to rise and fall with his lips. His tongue dances around my clit, igniting a fire in me; flames raging heat in my cheeks as my blood boils from his touch.    .

His eyes burn like bright coals through my facade, exposing me bare and raw before him, as I lay there for his taking. His mouth retraces it’s steps, coming back to meet me; his lips sticky and sweet against mine. His hand firmly squeezing my breast as one arm slides beneath me, holding my body pressed close to his. The rise and fall of our chests move in sync as we stop being two solos and instead come together in a harmonious duo. Breathing, moaning, pleading for more, in unison.

I bite at his lip, giving gentle, playful tugs; pulling him back to me, locking us in another feverish kiss. The pounding of my heart drums in my ears as it works to keep up with the heated dance our bodies produce; a rhythmic ballet between lovers. Partners anticipating one another without hesitation or flaw. A passionate dance choreographed through years of trail and error – it’s many years of practice resulting in an art form all its own.

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