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The Gentleman Pt.3

I’m walking through the most beautiful garden within a maze of towering hedges. I can hear the birds chirping as they pass over head and the bees happily buzzing from flower to flower. When suddenly, everything grows still, the birds disappear and the bees vanish. Even the once active breeze has stopped rustling the hedge leaves. I jump as bells begin to chime from behind and turn in shock to find the bluebells ringing out. As the chiming stops, the earth begins to shake beneath my feet and the ground opens, swallowing me whole.

As I tumble into darkness, I’m pulled from my dream and back to reality. My eyes flutter and through sleepy blinks I can see Beau sitting on the edge of the bed. I rub at my eyes, insisting they find their focus in the dark room and the bed shakes as he slips his boots on. I reach out a hand, touching his back – at first to assure he is there and then to let him know I’m awake.

He turns and even through the dark I can see his big, bright smile. “Good morning beautiful. Sorry, I thought I was being quiet. I didn’t want to wake you but I have to make that drive back and get to work.” He whispers through the early morning silence.

“Mmmm. No, it’s okay. I’m glad I get a chance to say good morning and goodbye.” I sleepily mumble.

He leans over and gives me a lengthy kiss before pulling away and leaving one extra on my forehead. “If I don’t stop now, I’ll never make it out the door. Go back to sleep and call me later, if you haven’t gotten tired of me already.” He says jokingly as he backs out the door and I slide back beneath the depths of the warm sheets, fading back into the dream world.

I’m swimming through the stillest water I have ever seen, even the movement of my strokes, cast no motion on the water’s surface. That is until a loud bang comes from the sky causing a vibration to pass over the surface, its powers so strong it sends a shock through my body that further paralyzes me with every bang, leaving me to fall beneath the surface, drowning. Just before my eyes close, I spring up from the bed, gasping for air as another bang at the door sends me jumping from my skin.

“Lola! Lola! Are you alright in there? Do you plan on getting up today?” Grans voice blasts through the door.

“Gran! I’m fine! You scared me half to death! I’ll be out in a few.” I say still trying to regain my ability to breath.

“Sorry Hun, I didn’t mean to scare you but it’s about time you get out of bed. Plenty of work to do but first, come down and have some lunch.” She instructs in true Gran form.

“Okay Gran! I’ll be down in a minute.” I say, wishing I could fade back into the sheets but instead, I rise slinging my feet over the edge of the bed and grab my phone from the nightstand. No messages. I debate calling Beau but figure he is busy working and I know if we get on the phone, we won’t get off again. So I settle for a quick text to say hello and to let him know I’m off from the bar tonight and I’d be catching up on farm chores today.

I stand, throw on a tank top and slip into my trusty overalls before tossing my hair in a sloppy bun and head down to the dinning room. Gran is waiting with two, fresh chicken salads, a basket of her honey rolls and a pitcher of sweet, iced-tea. Gran always has a knack for knowing what I’m in the mood for and just as soon as I sit, I dig into the melody of veggies filling my bowl.

“Glad to see you joining the living. I heard you two come in awfully late again. I don’t think that boy got more than three hours of sleep before he was rushing out of here to get to work. Now, you know I don’t mind the hours and I try not to get on you, but there are things that need attention around here. Things that help keep us fed and keep this farm up and running, just as your grandpa wanted. Bless his soul.” Gran say a bit grouchy.

“Well, we stopped for a bite after the bar closed. I know I’ve been later than usual and I’ve been bad about getting sleep but I slept great last night, once I did get to bed. I’ll try to keep to my routine better Gran, I know I’m behind around here but I’m off today so I’ll be getting caught up, no worries.” I say, popping another fork full of veggies in my mouth and taking a nibble from my roll.

“You and that boy are getting close, awfully fast. You’ve only known him a few days and every one of those days I’ve seen yal together and all them days include him sleeping over. You do know that old cow saying, right?” she says with a wink and mischievous grin.

“Yes gran, I know. No man wants to buy the cow when he can get the milk for free. It’s all just, happening, I feel like I can’t help myself.” I stammer off.

“I can remember saying the same thing when I met your grandpa.” Gran says half teasing as she stands, carrying her dishes to the sink.

“Ha-Ha Gran! I barely know him, let’s not go making wedding plans just yet.” I retort as she passes through the kitchen door.

I finish my lunch up in silence, though the noise in my head is enough to deafen anyone. Why is this moving so fast? I’ve never been someone who rushes into things, but that is usually the result of me over thinking, which is impossible with Beau. He slows all the wheels and cogs that spin in my head, leaving no room for thinking, let alone over thinking. However, when he isn’t around, the over thinking increases by ten and I begin to wonder what I’m doing. It’s as if my brain magically clicks back on again.

I mean, here is a man I hardly know a thing about and yet, I let him walk right into my life with very little question. I have some doubts, especially since he was so quick to jump into bed but then again, isn’t that every man, always ready, willing and able. If presented with a chance, they take it and I suppose I can’t blame them but at the same time, I don’t want to be just another chick he can add to the list.

Though, I can’t really be surprised if that is all he wants. I didn’t make the best impression of a lady when I decided to sleep with a complete stranger, the first night I met him. I don’t want to feel like a whore but that is the exact feeling that has begun to wash over me. I’m no better than the girls I watch night after night, accepting strangers drinks until tipsy then following them out to the car or back to the bathroom for a quick fuck that goes no further than hookups and broken hearts.

Is that all I’m setting myself up for? I didn’t have a plan when I met him. I wasn’t looking for a relationship or hookup. I just needed a ride home but didn’t realize that the ride would continue once we got there. I wouldn’t take the night back but I also never though I’d see him again and now I’m seeing him every chance I get. Is it possible that I have just become a regular? Am I nothing more than a sure thing? The thoughts tumbling through my mind are starting to feel more like slaps to the face, than questions I need answered.

As I stand to carry my things to the sink, I feel a familiar buzz and my phone beeps with a text. I set my things in the sink, pull the phone from my pocket, take a quick look and place the phone back. It’s a text from Beau, he wants to know about getting together but all I can think, is he only wants to get laid. I need time to think, to see how I feel about the person I’m becoming. No part of me wants to be “that girl”; the one whose worth nothing more than sex to a man.

As I continue on with the day, mucking out the stalls, feeding all the animals and repairing a few fences, my phone continues to buzz every couple of hours. I ignore each one, hoping he will think I’m busy and give up for the day. My own doubts and concerns have managed to worm their way into my mood and now, I want nothing to do with him. Part of me is mad at him, as if he has forced me to make poor choices, then my anger doubles as I begin to think of him as a mistake.

At five my head is spinning and I decide to jump on Bella for a good run. Feeding off my energy she runs full stride, crushing the earth beneath her hooves as the scenery passes by in a blur of green and blue. Tree trunks and leaves mixing into each other, making it hard to tell one from another. Only blue sky and green grass looks the same as we sped across the land.

I can feel a fire raging in my soul, a battle of my will. A fight to never allow him to make me just another stupid girl who falls for a gentlemen’s act. The thought alone is enough to make me feel sick and my heels tap at Bella’s sides, urging her to move us faster, to take me away from my own thoughts and fears. Fears that now flood my body with little concern of what I have to say about it.

We ride fiercely until we reach the old oak tree which we circle, taking us back towards the stables. Bella tears through the earth just as madly on the way back. Though Bella does most the work, I manage to break a sweat and I can hear Bella reaching her point of thirst. We fly through the field and into the yard. Bella shows no sign of slowing as we approach the stables fence, she leaps with great power, sending us flying over the fence and landing in the corral which she pridefully trots around, doing her own horse-style bragging.

I lean forward laying on her as she slows, coming to a stop at the trough for a cool drink. I run my hand over her neck as I thank her for another great ride and for her time. I slide from her back and start towards the house as I feel her head come down on my shoulder, nuzzling into my neck as if she is thanking me for the same things. Feeling satisfied, she returns to her cool drink of water as I pause to open her stall door, before heading out of the barn, knowing she’ll return herself to the stall, when ready.

I close the barn doors and head towards the house as I hear his voice come down from up on the porch. “That was quite some jump! I knew you could ride but I had no idea how well. You two make a pretty good team of talented beauties.” He says, giving a little clap as he takes the stairs two at time, to meet me at the bottom; reaching his hand out for mine and lifting it to meet his lips with a gentle kiss.

“Thanks. Umm, I wasn’t expecting you. Have you been here long?” I ask trying not to sound annoyed or rude.

“Maybe half an hour. I sent you few messages but when I didn’t hear back, I figured you were busy. So I thought I’d just head out and see if there is anything I can help with.” He says in his well mastered, gentlemen’s voice.

“Oh, well that so nice of you but I got it all finished up.” I say, trying to walk pass him.

“I should have known but if you don’t need help, than maybe you’re hungry and will let me take you to dinner?” He asks, as if it were his whole plan all along.

“I’m sure Gran is close to having supper on the table and she’s expected me, we always have dinner on the nights I don’t work.” I say, hoping he’ll take the hint and walk away, but he doesn’t and we stand in awkward silence as the screen door flies open and gran steps out. Not an ounce of her seems shocked to see Beau, making it likely that he said hello when first arriving.

“Well supper will be on the table in about ten minutes. Lola, you run upstairs now and get yourself cleaned up. You Beau, come on in and you can help me set the table and make our drinks.” Gran says with a nod towards the house as she turns, pulling the screen door back open and letting it slam behind her as she enters the house.

Inside I silently curse Gran a for not asking if he wants to stay, or if I want him to stay but then again, it is her home and she has every right to invite whoever she wants in for dinner. As we walk up the stairs I hold a bit of distance, hoping he won’t reach for my hand or try to pull me in for a kiss. I want to be smart about this. I want him to be here for who I am and not what I have in my pants or because he feels I’m easy.

I can feel the tension growing between us. It is clear that he feels something is off and he isn’t wrong but I don’t want to pretend that all is fine. I know that if I do, we will end up bonding off up the stairs and in to my room, to wrap up another night with a few orgasms before passing out in each other’s arms. In theory, it all sounds fine and dandy but what is the point if there are no more intentions than sex?

So I might not be the girlie-girl type, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want love and a relationship that’s about mutual caring, not just jumping into the sack. It is clear that we have a connection; an intensely strong, animalistic connection, that ignites a charge between the two of us that could produce enough energy to light the town on fire. I’m just not sure that the connection is anything more than us fulfilling a need.

As we sit dinning on Grans pot roast, she plays another round of thirty questions. At this point I’m sure Gran has asked more than I have every thought to ask and in that sense, technically knows him better than I do. Which I could take as a good sign because she keeps inviting him to dinner. One could conclude that whatever she has discovered, she’s found acceptable and if Gran can see good, than maybe I shouldn’t label him as just another pig of a man, looking to get off.

“Beau, you’ve said you spend a good deal of time working on construction sites but what do you do with your down time?” Grans voice brings me back to the room and out of the depths of my mental war.

“I love to get outdoors, though I spend most of my spare time in my workshop working on side projects. i do some furniture, as well as sculptures and through the summer months, I do a lot of work on toys. I like to have a nice stock up when Christmas rolls around. I play Santa for a handful of local charities, for needy families and children. I usually do a large drop off Christmas Eve at the local homeless shelter so the kids have something to open Christmas morning.” He says with the most heart warming smile; you can hear the joy he receives from doing it, in his voice and his face positively lights up when he speaks.

I have to check myself, to see if my mouth is hanging wide open. I never imagined he’d say such a thing. I more pictured him saying he does some fishing and a bit of beer drinking with a game on the weekends. It’s clear i’ve judged him and I start to curse the evil little voice in my head who has convinced me to label him as the Neanderthal type. Maybe I shouldn’t write him off so quickly. Before he intrigued me but now, I’m absolutely taken by him. I want to know everything about him.

“That sounds like fulfilling work young man. How did you get into such charitable work?” Gran asks with nothing but praise in her voice. She’s always proud when she comes across youth who are serving the good of others. It warms her heart and reminds her there is still plenty of humanity in the world that’s being passed down through families – not all values have been lost.

“My grandfather started doing it as a young man for his church and he taught my dad everything he knew about working with wood. When my dad learned Santa wasn’t real, my grandpa told him about the toys and the work he did. Dad said he always believed in Santa after that and he went on to take over when grandpa passed. I got the joy of learning from both my grandpa and my father, so taking over when my father passed only seemed natural and though I’m sad my father is gone, I’m happy to take over their tradition, because they will always be a part of me.”

Again I check myself for an overhung jaw. I might not know everything about him yet but the things I’m learning tonight are more than enough to bloom a seed of love, somewhere deep in my heart. I didn’t know it would happen, just like that, but I think it’s something Gran knew would happen and I ‘m now thankfully she invited him to dinner without asking me.

“That’s very sweet. I’m sorry for your loss but it sounds like you had great role models and I’m sure they’re smiling down as they watch you carry on for them. I’m sure they’re extremely proud of you.” Grans says with a gentle pat of reassurance on his hand which he kindly meets with a smile and polite “yes, mam’.”

“You know, Lola is too humble to say so but she does a bit of charity work of her own. She offers free riding sessions for some of the special needs children in our area” she says pointing her fork in my direction as my eyes grow a wide and my cheeks pink up.

I always feel embarrassed when Gran brags about me. It is nothing I do for attention. I love to ride and love seeing the happiness on the kids faces as they become familiar with the horse and comfortable with riding. The horses love it as well, they have a connections with each other that doesn’t seem to always come easy for the kids – that’s something I can understand. It is one of the biggest reason I love spending so much time in the stables, the horses and I have an unspoken understanding and we fully trust each other.

“She hadn’t but then again, I hadn’t mentioned my charity work either, so I suppose were even.” He says with a wink.

“I honestly didn’t think about it but my minds been a bit preoccupied these days.” I finally chime in, giving Beau a flirty little smile which I’m sure only further confuses him. I’ve now gone from cold when he arrived to warm and ready to flirt, in the matter of half a dinner but he doesn’t show any signs of confusion and meets my smile with his own flirtatious grin.

“You wouldn’t have mentioned it on your own. She’s never been a girl to brag or seek attention for her good deeds and I couldn’t be prouder of her. She takes great care of the people in her life. Once she loves you, she always loves you.” Gran adds with the raise of an eyebrow towards Beau and again my cheeks light up in a red glow of heated embarrassment.

“And on that note, I think I’ll just be leaving.” I say, grabbing my dishes before walking into the kitchen, while Gran continues to have a little laugh over my discomfort. Moments later Beau pops in with his and Grans dishes; he places them in the sink and grabs Grans mug from the counter, pouring her a cup of coffee and taking it back out to her. Our awkwardness seems to have lessend but you can still feel a touch of tension, as if he is on guard. Likely afraid he has done something wrong and now doing damage control in hopes of not making the situation any worse.

The door opens once more and he appears at my side as I add a spot of soap to my rag and start the hot water. “I’d love to give you a hand but I can understand if you’d like me to leave. I know I just showed up, but I didn’t mean to intrude.” He says with nerves in his voice.

“No! It’s fine. I’ve just been feeling off and then you surprised me, but it doesn’t matter, I’m feeling better now. I’m glad you’re here and I think Gran really enjoyed the extra conversation tonight. Also, it’d be great to have a hand.” I say pointing to the geese lined, hand towel on the cabinet door while handing over a dripping plate which he takes with a smile as he grabs the towel.

“The meal was amazing, I made sure to thank your Gran. I really appreciate you letting me join in on your family dinner. It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down to a home cooked dinner and good company. The past few years it’s just been me, so most nights I go home to an empty house and eat whatever I grab on the way.” He says with a sigh.

“I can’t even imagine, It does sound terribly lonely. I’m glad we could be your company tonight.” I say, leaning in to give him a hip bump. I pause for a moment debating my question and essentially ignore the things in me that say not to ask. “Not to be rude but would you mind telling me what happened to your family?” I ask with a hint of hesitation.

I can see his own hesitation as he fights to force the words out, as if he is still coming to terms with his loss. “I don’t talk about it often but a few years ago, on a cold Sunday morning in November, my mom, dad and grandmother were on their way back home from church when a truck ran a stop sign and t-boned moms car. Dad and grandma died on the scene, but mom stuck around for a few days in ICU before finally passing on. I should have died with them,” He pauses

“I was supposed to be in that car but i had the flu and stayed back at home. Nothing prepares you for that knock on the door, I thought I was sick before but it was nothing compared to the knots that built up in my stomach as the officers delivered the news. Some days are still harder than others. It’s been three years but I still have days where something good happens and I pick up the phone the let them know, only to start dialing and realize, I don’t have that option anymore. I have some great friends, many of which I consider family but it doesn’t stop me from occasionally feeling like I’m completely alone.” He trails off, drying the same spoon he’d dried four times now.

I can tell the subject is still a sore spot for him. I set my rag down, take the hand towel from him and dry my hands before taking his in mine. “I’m so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how hard it must have all been but it’s clear to me that you’re a strong person and I know we’re not family but I just want to make sure you know that you’re not alone.” I say staring into his eyes. His hands drop mine and travel around my waist as I plant my hands against his chest, leaning into him for a kiss.

As we part to return to our task at hand I can’t help but wonder why I have been so quick to talk myself out of this, whatever this is. I see no point in questioning things any further or in feeling the need to define what this is. I enjoy spending time with him and I long to be in his presence, so why not just take each day as it comes and have fun while getting to know him better.

We finish the last few dishes in silence before shutting off the lights and heading up the stairs. Gran is already in bed, likely reading one of her stories before dozing off with another one of her hunky heros. We slip into my room, both landing with a thud as we sink into the bed. I roll over, throwing an arm across him as I rest my head on his chest.

“How was your day? Did you get caught up on some sleep?” His voice rumbles in my ear through his chest.

“It was long and draining, even if I did get caught up on some sleep. How was your day?” I ask, turning over to prop myself up on his chest, giving us some face to face contact.

“I could agree, mine was long but I doubt it was for the same reasons. Work was actually fairly relaxed today, but the hours did drag by as I waited to hear from you. I know I’m not suppose to say it but I missed you. Anytime something went wrong, I thought about seeing your beautiful smile and it didn’t seem so bad anymore.” He says shyly, avoiding my eyes until that very smile he spoke of, spreads across my face. “Yeah, that one.” He say’s with a grin.

“You missed me?” I question, surprised and slightly teasing.

“I thought about you all day. From the moment I left to the time I saw you walking up with dirt smudged cheeks and that cute little confused face you make.” He says in all seriousness, his eyes now locked on mine. I can’t believe he has spent so much time thinking of me and that he has begun to label my facial expression, taking note of feelings I didn’t think we’re showing.

“Do you mind me asking what was up earlier? It felt a lot like you didn’t want to see me and I felt terrible for intruding the minute I saw your face.” He says with a pout.

I sigh, searching for the words to express how I feel without hurting his feelings. “I…well, you see the day started with Gran being upset because I had fallen behind on some of the chores and she was a little cranky. I guess that started my day out wrong and then I spent the rest of it thinking about you, only I admit that they weren’t the best of thoughts..” I trail off, not wanting to go any further.

“Why do you say that?” He asks, now curious.

Another sigh. “We’ve only known each other a few days and we’ve basically seen each other in every spare moment we’ve had. Also, we had sex the first night we meet, a couple of hours after meeting each other. You seem like a nice enough guy but to honest, I’m worried that you’re only coming around for one thing..” I trail off again.

“You’re right.” He pauses, giving me a face like he’s been caught. “I’m only here for your Grans cooking, I had breakfast that first morning and I just can’t stop thinking about her food.” He says with a laugh as I playfully smack his chest, trying not to fall into a fit of giggles.

He places his hand on my cheek, turning my face to meet his and locks eyes with me, peering into my soul. His gaze makes my heart race and butterflies take flight in my stomach as his deep, penetrating voice comes to life. “In all seriousness, I was riding along one rainy night when my headlights caught a flash of white. When i got close enough, I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on, hopping along the side of the road.” He pauses, pulling me in for a kiss.

He breaks, peering back into my eye. “Not only was that woman the most beautiful I had ever seen, she also had great taste as i found her at the side of a truck, many men dream of having. It was so unreal, I questioned my eyes at first. Had I fallen asleep? Was it a dream or maybe an angel sent down to me? I wasn’t sure, but something told me I had to stop.” He kisses me again.

“I was afraid I’d scare her, being a strange man on a dark road, at such a late hour but she stood with complete confidence. Not even the fact that her dress had become see through, would make her waver. She amazed me from the moment I laid eyes on her and once I heard her voice, I knew I could listen to her speak, forever. I wanted to know everything about that woman on the road and that hasn’t changed.” He says, stroking my cheek.

“I want to know everything about you. I want to make you happy and I want to wake up beside you and go to sleep with you in my arms. As a matter of fact, I don’t think it’s merely a want but absolutely a need. I can’t tell you why but something in me says that I need you in my life, like you’re the one thing I’m missing.” He says, voice shaking. Afraid to show too much, too soon.

He sighs. “The sex is great, I won’t lie about that and, it is a huge perk but we you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. That first night, you seemed so stressed and all i wanted to do was relieve that for you. I would never want you to do anything with me that you don’t want to do or that you feel pressured to do. I admit it was fast and I could see how you would think that sex is all I want, but I’m asking you to give me the time to prove that I want nothing more, than a chance to make you fall in love with me.” He says, taking my hand in his and giving it a gentle kiss.

I smile, unsure how I should respond and shocked by his confession. “You didn’t force me, I did it willingly and yes, we did move fast but I guess if we’re both in it for something more, than it really shouldn’t matter. I just don’t want to be one of those girls who end up being another name the list to brag about.” I say, quickly wishing I could take the end back.

“Well, I can’t say that I have a list or that I ever felt the need to brag about sex, it’s not a new car or a win for my football team after all. I know a lot of men don’t act it or maybe they don’t believe it, but for me, sex is a close personal connection between two people, which is both beautiful and private.” He says with a touch of offense in his voice.

“I mean no offense and I truly don’t see you as that kind of guy but the truth is that you never really know and I think the feelings are more fear driven than fact driven. The fact is that you honestly haven’t given me a reason to think such a terrible thing about you and I apologize for doing it.” I say, laying my head back on his chest.

“No offense taken, I’m sure you have plenty of reason and it’s better to be on guard and careful, than it is to rush in head first without thought. Better safe than sorry as they always say…whoever they are.” He says with a laugh.

“So, it’s only eight and I could probably pass out without a second thought but I’m suddenly feeling refreshed and energized, have you any want to take a night ride?” I ask, biting my lip in anticipation.

“With you, I’d love to do anything. Let’s go.” He says, dropping one leg from the bed as I spring up to my feet.

As I open the stable doors the horses begin to stir, each neighing as if to say pick me. Though I love them all I decide to go with Bella and Buck; they are two of our older horses and if they’re wanting to run, I’ll gladly take them. Tonight they are trying to break their stable doors down, so I’d say they are in the mood to take a run together.

“You can take Buck, he’s a good horse and his saddles right there if you want it. All the horses are used to being ridden with and without a saddle, so whatever is most comfortable for you is fine. Personally I prefer to ride without a saddle. Do you have a preference?” I ask, turning to face him.

“I have a few horses at home, my grandpa ran a farm as well, which I guess I could have mentioned sooner.” He chuckles. “I mostly ride bare back but I’m pretty sure that’s because I hate spending the time to put them on and take them off.” He chuckles again.

“I could agree with that, it is time-consuming when you could just jump on and ride, but I also prefer it because I believe it’s much more comfortable and natural for them. I always try to think of them as being every bit as important as I am, if not more. I’m totally one of those nutty people who believes they have their own thoughts and feelings but a lot of people don’t share that belief.” I say, opening Bella’s gate.

Bella pops her head out, playing peek-a-boo before prancing out with her best showmen ship, showing off for Beau no doubt. She is quite the flirt and Buck takes notice right away, using his hoof to knock on his gate, hurrying me along so he can make his presence known. Bella turns walking towards Buck then turns walking away, stirring Buck up more as she does her own form of teasing, something I have seen her do a million times. Once she feels he’s had enough, she turns back and pulls on the rope to unlatch his door, letting him out of his stall. He trots out like the boss and they rub against once another, saying their hellos before meeting us at the stable doors.

Beau gives me a lift up on Bella and hops on Buck and we slowly travel through the yard, heading towards the open fields. The moon is full and the sky is clear, casting a bright blue glow over everything’s surface and lighting our way. The stars twinkle above us and the surrounding woods are aglow with the flashing lights of lightening-bugs as the cricket’s chirp a hot summer night’s tune.

We ride in verbal silence, listening to the music created by our surrounds and the pounding of the horses hooves. I look over giving him a sly smile before giving Bella a tap and as if I had kicked her into gear, she takes off, quickly pulling away from them. Buck takes quick notice and Beau gives a tap that tells Buck to give it a go and take chase.

Bella runs through the fields with all her might, determined to beat Buck down the trail to the spring and she does just that. We arrive just a couple of minutes before them and I hop from Bella, removing my clothes and slipping down into the water. I watch in a dark corner as they approach. Beau hops off Buck, leaving him at Bella’s side and walks down to the water’s edge, scanning the area for any sign of me.

Finally I give a little splash, giving my hiding place away as I swim back towards him. He removes his clothes and walks in, meeting me half way. As he sinks down into the water, I grab his shoulders and pull my legs through the water, wrapping them around his hips. My pussy comes surrounds his shaft and I can feel as he grows firmer between my legs.

He holds me up as one large hand on my back draws me closure to him, pressing my breast into his chest and bringing our lips together; allowing them to dance free over mine, before trailing down my neck and back up again. His kiss is easy to get lost in, the world and time no longer exist, all that is left is him and me, entangled in each other.

His hands travel beneath the water, grabbing handfuls of hind flesh as he lifts me, allowing his cock to rise and meet my tight hole. He presses into my flesh, spreading my lips as his thick head threatens entrance. His grip tightens on my cheeks as he pulls me closure, inching in his way into me. As his head clears he quickly pulls me to him, taking me down his shaft and pulling me back to the tip before driving himself in again.

I release my grip on his shoulders and let my body lay back in the water, floating on its surface as he pulls me to him; repeatedly pounding me as the water washes over my silky white breast, shining under the moonlight. As he pulls me in, taking himself deep, I rise back up, taking hold around his neck as I wrap my legs tightly around his form, grinding on his hard cock as he stands balancing us in the cool spring water. His mouth covers my breasts in kisses as his hands pull down my back, keeping his cock deep in me as my hips twirl on his shaft like a stripper on a pole; working him until his fingers dig into my skin and his legs threaten to buckle under our weight as he fills me with his warm burst of ecstasy.

He lowers us down into the cool water, letting it wash over our warm bodies as we try to catch our breath. I lay back, floating on the surface again, floating away from him under the moon. Watching as the stars pass by, feeling completely at peace. We float side by side until our skin becomes chilled and wrinkled then we head back up on land. We throw our clothes on over our damp bodies and hop back on the horses, racing towards the stables.

We quickly leave the horses in the corral and lock up the barn doors, before sprinting up to the house and straight to the bathroom. We remove our damp clothes and hop into the warm shower water, wrapping up in each other’s embrace as we try to knock the chill off of our skin; both rubbing our arms up and down the others back and arms, hoping the friction will speed the process up.

Once we are nice and warm, we each throw a towel around us and cross the hall to my room. He grabs a black pair of briefs from his raggedy backpack and slips into them as I slide into a lacy blue, boy short and one of my longer tank tops, that’s reaches just below the edge of my ass, leaving just the blue lace panties to peek out from below.

Seeing him in those fitted, black briefs hugging his tight, toned ass and sexy muscular legs, i find myself ready for round two. My nipples perk up beneath my top as I think about running my hands over his ass while he does the same to me. He stands bent over, rifling through his bag as I watch. I back up, leaning against the far side on my desk, bringing one foot up on the top as I lean back in to the empty space. I balance with one hand reached out behind me, while my other hand finds its way to my panties.

I rub over the lace, watching as his gorgeous ass bounces before me with every reach he makes deeper into his bag. The fabric grows moist the more my excitement grows. I slip my panties to the side, splitting my lips with two fingers as another travels from hole to clit and back again, before coming back to circle my clit with varying pressure. I bite my lip, fighting the urge to moan, not wanting to give myself away too soon. I plunge a finger into my wet pussy, giving it a lube before returning to my clit; firmly and rapidly jiggling my finger across until I can no longer fight the urge to moan. I drive two fingers into myself, massaging the spongy delight of my g-spot.

My legs begin to shake beneath me and my panting is getting harder to hide as I climb closure to orgasm – fighting to hold off. Just as I see him stand, knowing he’ll be turning, I pick up the speed, finger fucking myself; breaking out in moans just as his eyes met mine and my pussy gushes with pleasure. Without missing a beat he is quickly on his knees, head buried deep between my thighs and lapping up the juices left trickling down. He slurps and sucks my pussy clean; running his tongue up between my folds and over my clit. Stopping to suck it in and grind it between his lips, sending pulses up my spine that cause a spasm. I feel one of his thick fingers enter me, further warming me up before driving a second finger in the depths of my tight, dripping hole. His two fingers work as a team, playing my g-spot and licking my clit until I hit full convulsions then he pulls his fingers free, covers my hole with his mouth and allows me to quench his thirst.

Again he sucks me free of my juices before kissing his way up to meet me face to face. I can see the damp of my cum on his face as he stares into my eyes. I lean forward, tracing his lips with my tongue, sucking his bottom lip in, pulling the taste of my juices from his flesh. In a fit of passion he pops himself free of his briefs and slides past my panties. He raises the leg that balances me and pushes me further on the desk as he drives his hard, throbbing cock into my soaking wet pussy. Ramming me with such force the desk wobbles beneath us, sending items to the floor with every powerful thrust he makes.

One hand holds his neck as the other covers my mouth, in attempt to hold back the screams that threaten to break free. He drives himself deep then grabs my ass and swoops me up from the desk, carrying me to the bed, bouncing me on his shaft along the way. He places a knee on the bed and balances with one hand as he lowers both of us to the mattress. Once we are down he slids one arm beneath me, lifting me up to the pillows. He pulls his arm from behind my back and his hand travels to my head as he takes a handful of hair. He pulls my head back to better expose my neck and covers it with kisses, while slowly sliding his rock hard cock in and out of me.

We have gone from a full on fuck to making love and I could swear my heart just skipped a beat as we stare into each other’s eyes, panting and moving together as one until we finally cum in sync. He stays in me for a few more minutes as we lay together, kissing and looking into each other’s souls. As our connection grows, so does the seed I had once known nothing of. It sprouts in my heart, making the possibility of love take root.

He rolls to his side, wraps his arm around me and pulls me in close to him. The warmth of our bodies radiates off one another. We lay in silence, enjoying the results of our hard work before splitting up to clean off. We return to the bed and slide beneath the sheets. I hold him, using his strong chest as my pillow, listening to the sound of his heart and becoming mesmerized by the gentle rise and fall of his chest as he breaths. Until at last, I drift off to sleep.

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