The Gentleman Ch. 4

The alarm buzzes early and I wake in the same place I drifted off to sleep in. I wipe the sleep from my eyes and glance up at Beau, he smiles when our eyes meet. “Good Morning, beautiful.” He says sleepily as he draws up for a kiss, meeting my lips with the same feverish passion we left off with. As I lay back on his chest I notice a growth beneath the sheets as his morning wood grows stiffer.

I fan the sheet up, throw my arm underneath and slide it down his chest to his firm cock. Gently I run my fingers up and down before taking him in my hand and firmly stroking until I feel him reach maximum girth. I fan the sheet once more, throw a leg over him and climb on top of his lap. I slowly lower myself down his shaft, as I land at the bottom of his long, thick shaft – my hips begin to dance to an invisible song. My rhythm could put the best of belly dancers to shame, my change of direction is flawless, taking him by surprise each time.

I stop, taking a moment to swivel on his cock, reversing my position with him still deep inside me. He places his hands under my ass, squeezing and spanking as I rise up and down his throbbing member. He pushes me forward, forcing me off his cock and onto all fours. He plants one hand firmly in the curve of my back and the other grabs for my hair, pulling my head back like the reins of a horse. He enters me with a hard thrust, his balls smack my clit inducing vaginal spasms, massaging his cock the harder he plows me.

I plant my face in the bed, muffling my moans and cries as I can no longer hold back – only lifting my head enough to take a good breath before returning to the soundproof safety of mattress screams. Every attempt I make to hide the noise, he takes as a challenge to try harder. Every hit grows in strength and depth until my arms give way and I collapse in a fit of moans while I soak his cock and the bed in my warm juices. The sheets are well dampened, but my body is filled with the vibration of a fabulous orgasm, giving me no reason to care.

He lays over me, kissing my back as the quake that had overtaken my body, begins to subside. We roll over, entangling ourselves in thankful kisses of two appreciative people. Thankful to wake up beside the other, thankful to connect and to find an unspoken understanding in another person. In many ways we find it unnecessary to talk as our souls seem to do plenty of that for us.

“I hate to do it but I have to get moving if I want to make it in on time. Even though I’d love nothing more to stay here, locked away in your room all day.” He says as he plants one last kiss on my forehead and heads off for a shower.

I roll from the bed, wiping myself up with a near by towel before tossing on a pair of night shorts and another tank. I rip the sheets from the bed, still warm from our erotic wrestle. I toss them in the hamper and bounce off down the stairs to the kitchen, where I meet a marry Gran pouring her first cup of coffee.

“Good morning dear, did you sleep well? You certainly look bright and bushy this morning.” She says cheerily.

” I think that’s the best I’ve slept in a while. How about you gran?” I say, smiling ear to ear.

“I slept as good as these old bones will allow now’a’days, but I didn’t get up to pee once and at my age, that’s a success.” She says with a grin.

I grab a travel mugs and fill it up, placing the lid on being sure to check its hold before setting it aside. I grab a plate from the cabinet and load it with the bounty of Grans morning cooking; homemade biscuits and gravy, with bacon and a side of eggs. I meet Beau at the bottom of the stairs with my breakfast offerings, ready to wrap them up if he doesn’t have time to sit.

“Well I planned on heading out but Grans cookin’ looks too good to pass up! Can I join you for a quick bite this morning?” He asks, leaning past my juggled breakfast goodies to steal a kiss.

“I hoped you would! I made you a plate on the chance you wouldn’t be able to stay, I wanted to be sure you got some breakfast after all your hard work this morning.” I say, leaning across the table to set his plate down and flash him a flirtatious smile as he has a seat.

“Better be careful, you’ll spoil me.” He says returning the wink. “Did you eat while I was in the shower?”

“Oh, no I came down and threw you a plate together. I wasn’t sure how long you’d have.” I say with a smile, standing up to leave the room.

“Wait! Have a seat!” He says springing from his chair and disappearing through the kitchen door. Moments later he returns, placing a smiling plate of bacon and fresh fruit in front of me. I can’t help but giggle at my happy face arranged plate. He sits across from me at the table, I run my foot up and down his leg as we enjoy a peaceful morning of quietly flirting; each of us fighting the urge to shove our plates to the floor and take full advantage of this sturdy oak table.

After we finish up, we clear the table together and head out to his car. I lean in through his window, kissing him long, not wanting him to go. The moment he pulls away his kiss will become but only a lingering memory on my lips. I know if time offers any chance, I’ll see him again tonight but the thought doesn’t stop the fact I’ll miss him and I’d rather not miss him.

I pull away with a smile, leaning in once more for one last peak on the cheek before taking a step back and watching him pull away. His car disappears into a cloud of dust and a feel of longing takes root in my gut. I turn, kicking me feet through the rocks as I head back towards the house, dragging myself up the stairs and back to the kitchen.

I stand at the sink, washing the morning dishes, wishing his car would come tearing back up the dirt road. Even though I know the chances are slim, I still find myself hoping for his quick return. Though he’s a loyal and hard working employee – a trait I admire and respect because I’m the same way – I sometimes wish we could be more spontaneous and toss our responsibilities to the side.

I drop a plate in the drainer, shaking my head and having a little laugh at myself. When did I jump into a bubble of doom and gloom? I do plenty of spontaneous things, I just do them without affecting my obligations or breaking my promises to others, including my employers. The only problem I have is I find it so easy to miss Beau, when he’s gone I feel an emptiness I was unaware of until he came into my life.

I dry my hands and head for the stables, happy I have a full day’s work with the farm chores to keep me busy. If not for my chores and work at the bar tonight, I’m not sure how I’d get through my wait for Beau. I’d wear holes in Grans floor, pacing about in hopes of passing the time a little quicker. My thoughts would be consumed by him and the memory of the warmth in his skin as his body glided across mine, my legs wrapping him tight.

I shake off the thoughts, crank up the stable radio and start mucking out the stalls. I keep myself busy, making the time pass faster. I work so hard at staying busy, I end up finishing my chores with an extra hour to spare before work at the bar. I lead the horses to the pasture and spend my spare time changing between them, giving each one their own time to run with me and to get some love.

Noticing I have lost track of time, I say goodbye with a few pats and kisses then leave them to enjoy the lushly green, wide open pasture. I hurry off and rush through my shower in order to have time to get ready. The bar is hosting a bull riding fundraiser tonight and all of us are required to wear our best cowboy/girl outfit. Which isn’t too hard to accomplish for most of us who come from farming families or at least previously worked on one.

I run conditioner through my long, black curls, giving them a crunch and a few shakes. I stand examining them in the mirror, full ringlets and great body. I grab my blue-Jean head band and tie the ends beneath my hair, pulling the front up for a bit more poof. I throw on my eye liner, add a touch of pink glow to my cheeks and step into my overall style dress which flares out into ruffles of lovely yellow sunflowers. I grab my best cowgirl boots to give the tips and buckles a nice shine before sliding my feet in. I check myself out in the full length mirror and give myself a wink of satisfaction.

I hop in the truck and head towards the bar. The music blares as I pump myself up for the night. I’m feeling oddly sexy and beyond ready to see Beau, who I’m hoping will be in shortly after he gets off work. Lost in the music and thoughts of Beau slipping under my dress, I arrive at the bar a few minutes early, giving me time to check my phone before heading in.

“Hey Beautiful, hope you’re having a good day. Mine’s been extremely hectic! I wanted to call you on lunch but couldn’t find the time to take one today. Have a good night at the bar and try not to work too hard. With any luck, I’ll get there before you leave.”

I’m happy to see a text from him but disappointed that seeing him will further be delayed. I swallow down my impatience, take another look in the rear view mirror and head in for the night. I spend the next hour setting up decorations, getting the servers ready and organizing our donation collectors who will be traveling the crowd with large cowboy hats to fill up or so, we hope they’ll be filled up.

We do a fair amount of fundraisers, the bar has won an award every year, over twenty years now, for being one of the top businesses to help its community. Tonight’s collection is to help a family who has recently lost their home and belongings in a fire. My family has known them for years, as have many of the other families in town. They are humble, helpful people, the kind who would give you the last of what they have if it means giving a helping hand and with this fundraiser we hope many people will come to repay the kindnesses this family has done for so many, over the years.

A line begins to form before we are ready to open, the parking lot quickly becomes overtaken by cars and waiting people. We pull ourselves together and open the doors a little earlier than normal, attempting to get the line down and the waiting people out of the way of much needed parking spaces.

The more people that pour in, the faster the hours pass and before I know it, it is midnight and the crowd is slowly starting to thin out. That’s when I realize I haven’t seen Beau yet and worry washes over me. I didn’t think he’d possibly be working so late and find myself hoping he’s alright. Then I think about the mass of people we’ve had and figure he could still be lost in the crowd.

I watch as security begins to herd people out the door in hopes we can close on time. We have already surpassed our goal by multiple thousands and the bar has pulled in more profit than planned supply. We’re all thankful tomorrow happens to be our delivery day or else we’d be in trouble and have nothing to open with tomorrow night.

I search the groups of people filing out of the bar but once the bars clear, there’s still no sign of Beau. I hop to cleaning up then decide to delegate the last of my duties to a few of our volunteers. All in hopes of getting out the door, where with any luck, Beau will be waiting.

I say my goodbyes, being sure everything is covered and close to being finished up. I skip out the door, expecting to see his face but I come to a halt as I notice the nearly empty parking lot. I sulk all the way to the truck, kicking up dust as I stump my feet In a toddler-like manner. I slide into the truck, pulling my phone out in hopes I have missed a call or even a message, but the screen is blank. I sling the phone in the seat and crank up the truck, turning up the radio as I tear from the parking lot, hitting the road toward Grans.

I feel heated, furious. My worst fears resurface and over took any chance of positive thought. I’m afraid I’ve lost him – if he ever was mine to being with. He doesn’t seem like the type to lie or hit it and run. Though I’m sure every girl has said that about a bad guy, simply because she didn’t want to be wrong about him. I don’t want to think such awful things of him but the only alternative I have is a far larger fear than I’m not ready to face, the thought alone brings tears to my eyes.

What if he’s been in an accident? What if all his lost hours of sleep and long trips out to see me have taken there toll and he is dead somewhere in a ditch? I’d never be able to stop blaming myself. Tears roll over my cheeks, dripping down into my cleavage as I think about the possibility of never being able to feel his touch or soft, sweet lips on mine again. I mash the pedal a little harder, flying down a quiet back road, praying no matter what, he’s alright.

As I pull in the drive way my head lights illuminate the red brake light plates of a familiar, black hemi I have grown to love seeing parked in front of Grans house. I sigh, relieved to see he’s okay and as soon as relief comes, anger returns. Why didn’t he show up? Or at the least, why didn’t he call me?

I bound up the stairs, two by two and burst through the front door. Standing in the entrance, I listen for any sign of life but the living-room sits dark and quiet. I can’t hear any noise from the kitchen or dining room so I move upstairs where the bathroom door sits open, the whole floor is dark and silent. I walk towards my room and notice a slight glow coming from under the door.

I crack the door and have a peak before stepping in to the room. I quietly shut the door behind me and fight off my want to laugh as I catch sight of Beau. His long, muscular frame is curled up in the center of my bed cuddling a fuzzy, pink heart pillow – dressed only in a pair of his sexy black briefs.

I slip my phone out and snap a quick picture before gently sitting down beside him. As I begin to rub his back, his eyes flutter, opening for a moment before quickly shutting again. I lean over, kissing him on the cheek in hopes of waking him. He stirs and opens his eyes once more, smiling the moment he see my face but suddenly springs up as if I have startled him.

“Oh shit! I’m so sorry! I must have passed out!” He says in a panic. “I can’t believe I did that. I was out this way talking with some suppliers and thought I’d stop in for a quick shower. I got pretty nasty on the job today and I wanted to dress up and come hit on you but when I got here, your Gran was sitting down to dinner and asked me to join her. I couldn’t turn her down because it would be rude and also, I was starving! I meant to text you but decided to wait until after dinner as to not be rude but then I got good and stuffed on your Grans fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn bread. By the time we were done I forgot all about the text and headed on up for a shower, so I could hurry and get out the door. The water felt so good but I rushed it along and came over to your room to get dressed. I sat down on the bed for a minute and well, here you are. I’m so sorry! I wanted to be there for you and make sure you got back alright.” His words pour out so fast I’m surprised he isn’t in need of oxygen or at the least, blue in the face.

“But that’s enough about me being a dumbass, look at you! Stand up and do a little turn for me beautiful!” He requests with a cheesy smile, knowing he doesn’t deserve it but hoping I forgive him, which of course I do – if anyone can understand being tired, it is me. Between late night hours at the bar and early morning chores that last most of the day, I often find myself ready to crash, especially after a big ol’ plate of Grans comfort food.

I stand, turning in a circle, twirling my ruffled skirt into the air before stopping and taking a few stumble-y steps when the dizziness catches up to me. I fall over on the bed which makes me giggle as the rooms spinning slows. He sits up, reaching his arms under me and pulls me up to him. I snuggle in close as he pulls my hair back, exposing my neck. He begins kissing the curve where shoulder meets nape and continues up to my ear. “You look gorgeous, I wish I could have seen you prancing around work tonight. I’m not sure I could have waited for us to get back her though, you look so damn sexy.” He whispers in my ear before returning back to trailing kisses along my neck.

“Mmmmm, I really wish you could have made it. I would have gladly tortured you all night! Then after everyone cleared out, we could have ventured out into the empty parking lot and you could have bent me over the trucks tailgate.” I say in my sexiest voice.

His kissing pauses. “Damn, babe! That’s hot and a little more kinky than I thought you’d be in to. Now I’m really sad I missed it.” He says in a pouty voice.

I turn my head back towards him to see him leaning in with a sad puppy dog face that makes us both laugh. I turn over to my back, allowing him to lean over my chest as we wrap ourselves around one another. His hands travel over my breasts, popping the buckles of my dress before sliding my tiny lace top up over my breast to reveal the silky black bra I hid beneath it.

He pulls the cups down, letting my large, soft breast poke free from the top. My nipples peak out above the materials ridge. He takes my nipple into his mouth, sucking and teasing it with his tongue until it is sensitive and firm. I feel as his fingers walk down the length of me, traveling below my skirt and up between my thighs. His hand rubs over the silky fabric of my panties until they grew damp. He slides his fingers past my panties and into my wet, waiting pussy, lubing his fingers before sliding his way up to my clit.

He traps my clit firmly between two fingers, grinding and pulling until my legs shake and I beg him to enter me; pulling at his hand, trying to escape the overpowering delight of his clitoris torture. I pull at his arm and raise my hips, trying to fight his strength and force his fingers in me. He continues to overpower me and tortures me until I can longer control my squirming. He drives a finger in my pussy, swiftly followed by another as he glides in and out of me vigorously. He abruptly stops in the depths of me to tease my spongy sac until it bursts, covering his hand in my hot, milky juices.

He brings his fingers to his mouth, sucking them free of my cum before scooting down the bed and popping his head under my skirt. He spreads my legs wide as he runs his tongue over ever fold and crease, licking every inch of my pussy clean – only stopping to tease my clit between his lips as he sucks it in, pulling my clit out further, making it swell in size and sensitivity. I grab the back of his bobbing head, beneath my dress and smash his face further into me as I grind my pussy on his face.

I release him to catch his breath and then drive his face back into my pussy, fucking his face as his tongue slides in and out of me. I tilt my hips bringing his mouth back to my clit, where he flicks the swallow pink flesh. He sneaks his fingers back into my pussy and finger fucks me until I’m ready to burst again. As my body begins to jerk he removes his fingers, places his mouth over my tight hole and teases my clit until I fall into a deep orgasm, loosing all control as I explode with great force.

He laps up my sticky juices, cleaning my pussy free of every drop before returning to my clit to plump it up some more – it’s sensitivity sends shockwaves through my body. Then he pops out from beneath my dress, his face glistening with my cum as he moves back up my body and begins to pull my dress down. He tosses it to the floor then slides my panties off and offers me his hand, raising me up to unhinge my bra and sling it across the room.

He lays me back on the bed, kissing me as his body rubs against mine. I can feel his rock hard cock gliding over my pussy, through his briefs – the soft cotton growing damp between his pre-cum and my pussies eagerness to feel him filling me. He slips his brief off and kneels between my leg, messaging my swollen clit with the head of his bulging cock, making my toes curl as he slides up and down the canal the leads from hole to clit, flicking my clit with his head at the end of every lap.

He teases me until I can’t control the rock in my hips, as if my pussy is seeking his cock out. He pulls my legs together and throws them over one shoulder as he slides inside of me. His pelvis slaps against my ass with every thrust he makes, adding a level of pleasurable roughness, to my experience. I want him to pound me harder, to bruise my ass from the power of his slams. “Yes! fuck me Beau!” I encourage. Hearing me moan his name drives him wild, sending him deeper into my pussy, as he tries to plow his way through me. His large, wide cock threatens to rip my soft, pink walls.

I squeal with every hit, my body tenses with every drive of his thick hard head, through my tight enterance. My hands squeeze my breasts harder the closer I get to climax. “Yes! Right there, I’m going to cum!” I scream, too caught up in the moment to care about possibly waking Gran. “Yes, fuck me! Fuck me! Make me cum Beau!” Moaning his name is nothing in compassion to screaming it, he grunts with every thrust he makes, using all of his power and force to drive his cock into me until I force him back with my legs, pushing him out of me as I explode like a well packed cannon.

I bring myself up to my knees and push him over backwards. I climb up on top, lowering myself on his head then off again. I slowly take his head in once more then make a sudden drop down his shaft, making him gasp in surprise. I rise up again, teasing his head, on and off, before dropping down his shaft again, landing firmly at the bottom and rhythmically grinding my hips.

I spring back up his shaft bringing myself to squat above him. I being bouncing on his shaft, my ass smacking his pelvis. I lean back, giving him full view of his cock as I rise up and down his shaft; my pussy clinging to his girth. I raise back up, bouncing on his cock before shifting to a swivel; swirling my hips as if I were sliding down a corkscrew.

I drop back to my knees, bringing him deep into my pussy as I grind on the base of his cock, rocking back and forth as his finger find its way to my clit. I ride both until my body convulses on top of his and I’m forced to pull back from his cock as I cover his pelvis in my warm, creamy cum.

He pulls me down to him, chest to chest, as he hangs on to my shoulders, driving himself back into me, over and over again. His fingers dig into my flesh, threatening to leave his hands imprinted on my skin in the form of bruises. He drills into me, our hips rise and fall to meet one another in a heated, rhythmic motion that has my toes curling and my nails digging into his back; creating battle scars of a job well done.

As we both approach climax, he slows, easily sliding in and out of me – letting me feel ever inch and bulge as he moves through me. My pussy clings to his girth, his massive member pulls at my vaginal walls, threatening to turn me inside out. Our breathing aligns as we moan in sync and the feeling of his warm cum filling me, send me over the edge pushing me to climax with him.

We lay together, relaxing in one another’s embrace, swimming in the bliss of our electric connection. I don’t want to move but the combination of sweaty sex and a long night of working makes me feel dirty, in all the wrong ways. I force myself to get up and head to the closet to grab towels and fresh sheets. Beau hops up and helps me clean up the slippery, wet mess we managed to make. Once finished we head off to the shower to wash away the products of our hard work.

I switch on the radio and warm up the water. We step in and take a moment to enjoy the warm water before he takes to washing the days grit off of me. As I finish rinsing the soap from my body he pulls me in close, swaying us under the cascading water to the melodic guitar filling the room; the notes dance around us, pulling us into a trance – all else falls away into the distance, fading out of site and out of mind until a commercial cuts through the mood and we take it as our sign to get out. We dry off in a hurry and head back to my room, skipping the unnecessary step of putting on clothes. Instead we toss our towels aside, climb under the sheets and cuddle up as we swiftly and peacefully drift off to sleep.

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