The Many Uses of Breastmilk

Breastmilk is an amazing thing, not only is it the healthiest way to feed our babies, it also has an array of uses. In this post I’m going to share the many uses for breastmilk or “mothers gold” as I like to call it.
1. Sore nipples-
You don’t have to spend ton of money on all those nipple creams, simply express a little milk and rub it on. 
2. Cuts and rashes- 
From a paper cut to the scratches babies sometimes get, just apply a little breast milk and it’ll be healed faster than you can even imagine. Baby have a rash? Just rub on a little breast milk, breastmilk has many healing qualities. It works much faster than any ointment or cream, you get at the store and I has the added bonus of being free!
3. Cooking-
Yes, I said cook with it!  Replace the cows milk with breastmilk, it’s much better for you and it even tastes better. I know a lot of people feel grossed out by this but I can’t see why. It’s natural, it’s sweet, and it’s good enough for your baby. So why not you and your family as well. For recipes Click here, Here, Here and Here
4. Teething- 
 Forget the numbing gels which has been proven to make teething pain worse, and give them a breastmilk Popsicle instead. They’ll love the taste of it, and it will help their sore gums, all while giving them something to occupy their selves with.
5. Clear up conjunctivitis and pink eye – 
Forget about using eye drops, just use your breastmilk. You’ll be so amazed by how quickly it works and you’ll never use anything else again.
6. Soap-
Yes, it’s true! Breastmilk can be used to make soap. For recipes just Click here, you’ll find recipes for soap, as well as food.
7. Ear infection – 
Clear up the family’s ear infections by squirting breastmilk into the ear.
8. Stuffy nose – 
Stop using the saline solution and start using breastmilk.
9. Eczema – 
No need to pay for expensive creams or over the counter products, instead use breast milk. It’s a great moisturizer and can be used as is or in the soap form to help your eczema bothered family members.
10. Drink it – 
Go beyond replacing cow’s milk in a recipe and start using it in your coffee, cereal or just have a nice glass full. Your body will thank you and you’ll save money at the same time. You’ll also start to find that colds and flus will be much less likely, in your home. Feel a sore throat coming on? Just drink the milk. Kids coming down with something? Give them the milk. You could just use it as a sometimes cure all or you could switch over and head sickness off, before it starts.
11. Cradle Cap-
Clear up cradle cap by messaging breastmilk into affected area.
12. Chicken Pox- 
 Apply breastmilk to chicken pox to reduce the itching and to heal the sores.
13. Poison ivy, oak & sumac- 
Relieve itch by soaking cotton ball in breastmilk and dabbing on bothersome spots.
14. Cuts and scrapes- 
Apply breastmilk to cuts and scrapes to promote healing. Breastmilk is a natural antiseptic and will heal your family’s ”ouches” quickly.
15. Insect bites & stings – 
Dab on breastmilk to stop the itching, help heal and ease the pain that some stings bring on.
16. Sore throat- 
Drop the terrible warm salt water and start gargling with breastmilk instead.
17. Cancer fighter- 
Research has found that substances in breastmilk can actually kill cancer cells, it has been used in fighting cancer with great success. Not only can you reduce your chance of breast cancer by breastfeeding, you can also reduce your child’s chance of childhood cancers.
18. Cold sore/ fever blisters- 
Soak a cotton ball in breastmilk to relieve pain and to heal those unsightly, irritating cold sores/ fever blisters.
19. Burns – 
From fire burns to sunburns, breastmilk can be used to promote quicker healing. By combining breastmilk with blueberries you can easily speed up the healing time.
20. Infected wounds- 
Apply breastmilk to the infected wound to help clean and promote healing.
21. Warts- 
Dry up warts by applying a breastmilk soaked cotton ball for a few minutes, twice a day, for a couple of days.
22. Acne- 
Mix coconut oil and breastmilk, then apply to desired area to clear up acne.
23. Contact lens solution- 
Contact fall out? Get something on it? Just use breastmilk to clean it, won’t hurt your contact and it’s good for your eyes.
24. Make up remover-
 Use a pad or cotton ball soaked in breastmilk to remove make up and smooth skin.
25. Chapped lips-
 Forget the lip balm and rub a little breastmilk on to relieve dry or chapped lips.
26. Deodorant-
 Apply breastmilk to clean armpits and avoid the harmful chemicals in store bought deodorants.
27. Lubricant- 
Drop the KY and simply use breastmilk instead. Works just as great and it’s all natural.
28. Make lotion- 
Click here, or Here for recipes. Breastmilk lotion can be used to smooth skin, eczema, psoriasis, and sunburns.
29. Conditioner- 
Help frizzy and dry hair by using breastmilk as your conditions instead of the damaging store bought brands.
30. Eye puffiness and redness- 
Cure by squirting milk into the eye or soaking cotton balls or a pad and placing it on the eyes.
Breastmilk is a wonderful and natural thing that our bodies produce. It nourishes our babies and has so many helpful uses. Not every person out there feels comfortable using breastmilk in any way other than feeding baby, even then some woman don’t feel comfortable doing that. It’s sad to see this huge voodoo that has been put on something so natural. 
Once again, I say that if it’s good enough for your babies then why not the rest of your family? How can cow’s milk be any more natural for us to drink and cook with? It’s a new time and mothers should feel proud to breast feed, they should feel welcome to use it for healing, cooking and so much more. Never feel bad for using an open mind ladies, Breast milk is gold and we all have it. 
We should never feel grossed out by Breast milk just because closed minded people in the past, say we should. If you can eat an egg which comes out of a chickens butt or drink hormone filled milk that comes from cow boobs without feeling ashamed or grossed out, then you should be able to feed your babies and family without the shame. Drink it, give it to your families and feel no need to hang your head in shame! Embrace what was given to us and stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. 
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