Theme Song Thursday

Welcome to another round of Theme Song Thursday! If you’re just tuning in (because I’m feeling dj-ish tonight…it’s night, you wouldn’t know that…but now you do!) this is where I tell you about my week, the good, the bad…the down right ugly, and fill you in on what’s hitting repeat on my playlist this week. For those returning or those who simply can’t tell, I’m feeling a bit….bonkers? (Great cartoon) Uhhh…off my rocker? Verging a mommy mental melt down? Yes, I think that sums it up nicely. 

Here’s the break down.
Friday my husband had the day off for our middle sons field trip to see the Monarch Butterflies on their long travel to mexico..or some educational crap like that. We looked at a few bushes full of butterflies that mostly looked alike, though I did spot two yellow zebras so that was a plus. (No, these weren’t drug induced zebras, it’s a real butterfly, I swear. Google it bitches.) After that we looked a bunch of tiny crabs (thankfully non-pubic related, haha) We then watched our kids throw on paper butterfly wings and attempted to run under a tarp….it was a pretty big fail, the wind was horrible, the tarp was actually a large parachute and they finally gave up, emerging from the sides of their “cocoon” instead.
I of course, couldn’t see the screen on my phone and what I thought was recording….wasn’t! Yes, that’s right, I missed it! HUGE mommy fail on my part.
Now add on the fact that I forget the bug spray and the bugs were horrid in the picnic area. This forced my family to eat our lunch in the car, which is fine with me because other parents seem to suck. However, that meant my son didn’t get to eat lunch with his friend or run around with them, though he didn’t seem to be to sad about it, since he had a nice Elmo shaped sandwich and cookies. After lunch we played with played around with the parachute, we laughed, we smiled, blah, blah, fun was had, here and there, fun was had …not everywhere. (Told you I was feeling weird tonight, it was a fair warning.)
Fast forward through Saturday (House work at grandparents) to Sunday night, where I being to feel a sore throat coming on as I lay down for the night. I crossed my fingers in hopes I was just crazy or it was a fluke. It wasn’t, by Monday morning I had a slightly sore throat, a face that felt like a balloon and a faucet for a nose. Thankfully, the old man was also off this day as well, due to our middle sons yearly EKG appointment.(Just another reason to despise this time of year.)
Fast forward to Wednesday (because school, work, blah, blah, boring sickness)
this is payday….which is conveniently my shopping day. Normally I enjoy this day…however, I recently acquired a monster. He follows me everywhere I go, he stands  a few feet tall and he has the temper of Taz from the Looney Tunes, in fact…he could possible be his twin brother. That right, I have a 2 year old who has lost his mind as of lately. Yup, full blown, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, 2’s! Let’s just say, I understand why homer chokes Bart on the Simpsons and why animals eat their young.
Anyhow, enough of my boring mom life and onto what kept that last little shred sanity, intact. This weeks song actually ties into last weeks post (find that here), as last week seemed to be full of “Monday’s”.  I found myself in need of the ability to laugh at the road blocks life was throwing at me and this week certainly falls in that category. That’s why this weeks Theme Song is Bright Side of Life by Rebelution.
Get familiar with the lyrics HERE
Watch a video HERE
Get it for yourself HERE
As always, enjoy the jam.
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