Theme Song Thursday

Here we are at another Theme Song Thursday. This week has already been a huge pain in the neck. Monday was the evil culprit that started the chain of fails, I blame it all on the teacher planning day. With the kids being out an extra day it meant that my son had the option to stay an extra night at his great-grandmas house, meaning I didn’t have to pick him up until Monday

This is where the “fun” starts, as we all know, Monday’s are notorious for being wonderful. I had plans to meet them for lunch which works for me, I almost never turn down a free meal. (More so because I’m super cheap but also because I’m secretly an 800lb fat kid at heart.) So, I get my two demon spawns ready and loaded in the car. (I’m feeling like that chick in Gone With Wind when she dances through the field…but with a better musical selection.) I jump in, throwing the key in the ignition and then it plays out like this….
Car: “click click, click.”
Me: “Wait, What? Where is your tiny little vroom?”
Car: “click, click, click”
Me: “Oh!! YOU Asshole” (mumbles asshole to avoid a round of “you’re an asshole” from the 2yr old.)
I then squint my eyes, ever so evilly at the car, as any normal person would. Being the wife of a technician and a generally mechanically inclined person, I knew there were 3 likely possibilities.
1. Someone had left something on in the car.  (Possible, but unlikely, the car is efficient in not allowing that sort of thing to happen. I checked all the buttons anyways and was far from surprised when all was in place.)
2. The battery is going to shit and it’s time to replace. (Better than options 3 but the almost $200 price tag had my cheap ass willing to walk.)
3. The alternator is screwed. (This was thankfully not the problem and though the old man could fix it, it’s certainly not something I wanted to deal with.)
So, $117-ish later, I was back on the road. (I was also very happy that we shopped around, $117 is just as terrible to me but I’ll gladly take it over the $200.) Of course, I didn’t make lunch and had 2 very mad children with me, who had to go in and eat a sandwich. The amount of boo-hoo-ing and griping had me ready to throw them both in the trash-can and move on with my day. This one event, on this one damn Monday, opened a can of pissed off worms.
I’ve spent the last couple days contending with a bitchy 6yr old, the 2yr old demon that has taken over my sweet baby, and the 4yr old evil genius that is crazy, but in all fairness he is consistent in his evil doing and I can appreciate that, I expect it at this point. However, the other 2 are like riding a roller coaster that passes through heaven and hell, you just never know what you will get from them. The 2yr old alone has spent the past 2 days mad at me for not letting him play in traffic, so mad, he threw his Popsicle at me on the 1st day. If you knew this kid, you’d know the point of pissed he would have to be, to throw his Popsicle….or any food for that matter, there is a reason we call him the chunk after all.
So through all the extra tantrums, pissy attitudes, and fails, I’ve been keeping afloat with this weeks theme song by Trace Adkins. I’m keeping my mind in the frame to laugh, because one day, it will be funny. Maybe in the moment I don’t want to laugh, maybe in the moment, I don’t feel joy. It’s far more possible that in the moment, I feel nothing but frustrated and anger. It’s far more likely that over all, I feel like a failure in those moments.
That is why this week is being themed by Trace Adkins – You’re Gonna Miss this. Sure, at the end of the day, I don’t miss the tantrums, attitudes, or the ninja like skills my 4yr old possesses. However, when they were infants I didn’t miss the fussiness after they fell asleep but now, I miss all the things that came with the fussiness. I miss the cuddling, I miss the feedings, and I miss that bond.
You see, I want to keep things in perspective and try to cherish or at least find humor, in all the hard days. One day, I will look back and laugh. One day, I’m gonna miss all of this but for now, Ill hold it close and keep on laughing through the bad.
If you’re not familiar with the song or need a reminder for yourself you can find…
A video HERE
The lyrics HERE
And you can get your own copy HERE
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