Theme Song Thursday

Welcome back to to Theme Song Thursday! Today’s song is an oldie but goodie, and with the week I’ve had it easily fits my mood. This past weeks has been full of ups and downs….though mostly it was just downs. Lately I feel there is no time to pause, no time to rest, and occasionally, no to time to even think. Between the new page and figuring out the in and outs of this business has gone beyond time consuming. Add this on top of the never ending list of motherly duties, daily obligations, filling orders, and the random obstacle life decides to fling my way. To be honest, I was ready for the week to be over by the time Wednesday morning rolled around. 

This is way Otis Redding’s song (Sittin On)  The Dock of the Bay is this weeks Theme Song Thursday Pick. Right now, I’d give just about anything to just take some time, to just waste a little time, and sitting on dock watching the tide roll in would be perfectly fine with me.
You can Otis Redding Song lyrics here (In case you need a little refresher) HERE
You can have a quick listen HERE
Last but not least, if you love like me, go on and get your own copy HERE
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