Theme Song Thursday

How do the weeks keep passing so fast? It’s as if the holiday season puts time into hyperdrive. Though I feel like we’ve just done this, it’s time for another theme song Thursday. This week isn’t the easiest of picks, I’m conflicted and the playlist is in a mix of sadness. 

Here’s what’s up:
Halloween: it’s come, it’s passed, this year it kicked my ass. I felt horribly defeated this Halloween! I did that “crunchy” mom thing, where I felt the need to create my children’s costumes instead of buy.
What I learned:
– I should listen to my instincts more, I knew it was a bad idea, I did it anyways…story of my life.
– If you want a successful costume, be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to make it. My daughters was thrown together in under 24 hours and my boys costumes were done in the span of a month. The problem was that I really over thought the boys, I wanted more than just a one time costume, so what I thought would be the simpler thing to do, actually turned out to be far more work and a pretty big pain in the ass.
– My daughter (6) has become an ungrateful brat with one hell of an attitude but she’s getting straight A’s and exhibits exceptional behavior everywhere else. I believe with ever ounce of my being that she is simply the result of “the mother” curse….you know, all those times your mom said “I hope you have a kid 10 times worse than you.” So if you find yourself asking “whys my kid the devil?” It’s likely because you pissed your mom off and she cursed you.
– Halloween is overrated and rich people give out the good stuff, including drinks. I will now always target the rich neighborhoods, they know how to do it!
The rest of the week was mostly a bore of routine and sadness as I’ve recently learned my best-est (yes I said best-est) friend is “contemplating” moving away. I’ve suspected this for sometime now but the topic was brought up over the weekend and I’m under the impression that this isn’t just a thought. Let’s face it, once you start looking at houses in the area, you’re committed to what you’re doing.
I’m not sure why he wouldn’t just say he is doing it but at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if he just disappears, leaving me to find out through the dreaded “faceboo”. In all honesty, he’s far more than a friend, he’s family, he’s my brother but I guess, family falls apart every now and then. All I know is that I have to be happy for him, if he believes this will make his life better, who am I to pop his bubble? However, I’m still pissed at him for even considering the option. I want to be selfish, I want him to stay just around the corner and for him to always be seconds away but the reality is far less enjoyable.
It’s far more likely that we’ll occasionally text or chat and with time that number will greatly decrease until contact eventually reaches zero. It all sounds so dramatic but it truly feels like the end of an era. It’s the friends episode where Rachel finally moves out of Monica’s. It’s a titanic kind of depressing. No more family dinners, random pop overs or advice hours. No more rock to lean on, no more help around the corner and no more late night rides.
This weeks Theme song is Cryin’ for Me by Toby Keith because though my friend may only be moving, it feels a lot more like he’s dying. I can’t imagine what life will be like without you dude, two things have kept my sanity returning, the music and you….at least I’ll always have the music…unless I go deaf of course, here’s to hoping I don’t.
You can find the lyrics HERE
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