Training Our Children

The last few days have been really busy in my household. My daughter had her first field trip, meaning I had my first experience of taking my child on a field trip. It was great to see her with all her friends, to watch her learn new things and to get some one on one time as well.  We did have a wonderful trip, however, I can safely say I now know why my daughter is not only the favorite in class but also, one of the top students.
Upon watching the other parents and children I was amazed at how undisciplined and disrespectful many students were. Not only to the teachers but even more so to the parents, I seen multiply times where the teacher could get the misbehaving child back on track when the parents could not.
I watched as a few parents spent more time talking on a cell phone, texting or using their iPad to play games and Facebook, instead of paying attention to their children, instead of paying attention to what was going on around them or interacting with the group activities. No matter how much their children begged or acted out for their attention, they still paid more attention to things that shouldn’t have mattered, more than their children, that is.
I also had one mother sit next to my daughter and I during our picnic lunch that told her child to sit down and just eat their damn lunch. Personally I can see why this was one of the most misbehaved children I had seen but if the mother couldn’t have enough respect to not cuss in front of other children, let alone at her own child, then I couldn’t really expect him to be any better than he was.
All of this was very surprising because all the parents there were much older. Old enough that I would expect better behavior from them, as well as their children. Time and time again you hear parents over 30 who say the younger parents never train their kids right and how they hate being around those people. I in no way see this being true, I don’t think the age of the parent has to do with, after yesterday I can say for sure that it’s the parent in general.
Not only did I witness this during the field trip, I also noticed this while trick-or-treating. Children were ruining about like crazy. Almost none of them seemed to be listening to parents, they showed no sign of having manners and in general, were just plain rude. I watched children who pushed past parents with toddlers, I watched bigger children push toddlers out of the way, just so they could get to the door first. While watching the other children at the doors, I noticed not one of them said said thank you. They just ran up, got their candy and took off, as if this was something people had to do for them.
All while my two older children (4 & 2) went up to every door, gave a nice trick-or-treat and left with a kind thank you. My 2 yr old son who can hardly talk and has only a few words anyone can understand still managed to say thank you, at every house. Not only did he say thank you, he also felt the need to say “goodbye” to each person and “see you later” to a few. This left me wondering: If my small children could mind there manners, wait their turn and listen then why couldn’t all these other children who certainly should know better?
Parents everywhere should be teaching and training their children to be the best they can be. In every situation where your child should be saying please, thank you, yes sir/mam and no sir/mam you should be making sure they do it. Yes, sometimes younger children forget and that’s why you should be right there making sure they do it. Everyone should be doing this so that as they grow older, they remember and are always sure to use their manners.
We should be teaching our children to follow rules. We should be teaching them that putting their hands on others or pushing is wrong. To wait their turns, to respect one another and to generally be nice. Just imagine if all parents were doing this: how much bullying would decrease because more children would be trained to know that this is unacceptable and not at all respectful.

 I don’t mean to “act” like your teaching/training them how to properly behave and treat others. Just because you tell them to behave from time to time, doesn’t mean they will. If you’re only doing it in front of people so you’ll look better, it’s not going to work, long-term. Don’t be a lazy parent when it comes to something so important, don’t sit around saying it’s just too much of a hassle or too much work for you. Be active in training your children. After all, you’re building a future adult, you’re influencing what our world will be like. You’re deciding how people will treat each other and behave in the future. Do the right thing for everyone’s sake and most of all for your kid’s sake!
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