Twisted Kid Tales: Puggles the Pigs Big Mission.

Recently…, today 🙂 I posted a story called Fumble Bumble. I was wandering around and catching up on blog posts. I love how reading other people’s work helps to inspire me. When I’m feeling a little “blocked up” (mentally of course, don’t be gross. Haha) I find that it’s easier for me to “un-fluster” by blog surfing or grabbing a good book. For some reason reading helps me to slow my thoughts and focus a bit more.

Anyhow, I’m completely off point now. I did some reading, thinking, and surfing. Then I decided that I wanted to share what we’ll call “Twisted Kid Tales”. These all come from my file of “story ideas gone wrong.”

Originally, this story was about a cute, happy, fat pig. Then those funny voices in my head took over and I ended up with…..

“Twisted kid tales: Puggles the Pigs Mission.”

Puggles the pig lives on a farm.

He has big pink ears and a long curly tail.

Puggles loves to roll in the mud and sleep in the hay.

He naps and eats all day.

Puggles thinks his life is perfect.

He doesn’t know of life outside his pen.

Puggles is a piggy farm lock-in.

He is bacon in the making.

Puggles will be the ham in your sandwich.

He’ll be the prize winning pork chops in a contest.

Puggles barbecued rump will make a great stew.

He’s pleased to do this for you.

Puggles is a pig on a mission.

He must fatten up and supply the world with his awesome bacon.
🙂 I told you, the voices take over and they’re slightly evil. Though, I have to say that it’s something I would read to my kids. They know where their meat comes from and they’re cool with that. This would make sense to them and I imagine they’d thank Puggles for his bacon at the end. After all, my little tribe REALLY loves bacon.

All of this made me wonder if most kids know exactly where their food comes from. Here’s a few questions I had while putting this post together for all my stupendous minions.

1. Would you read it to your kids?

2. Do they know where their food comes from?

3. Are they comfortable with it?

4. If they don’t know, do you think they’d take it badly? And why?

I’m very curious to know what the “norm” is in your house, for the topic of where your food comes from.

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