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 I have been missing for so long now! Shame on me for neglecting you out there in net land…web space? I don’t know. Things have been insanely busy this past month or so. With the holidays, a new year and the start of tax season: so much has happened, I’ll have to do the short story version – otherwise you may go insane from boredom.
We shall begin with the 23rd of December, this day was spent in the hospital with our 8 month old son who wasn’t using his arm. It seemed as if he had dislocated his elbow or shoulder. We are not sure which, due to the fact that after many hours spent in the hospital, exams, and X-rays of pretty much everything: the doctors could not see find anything wrong – other than the fact that he had no use of his left arm. They advised we just take him home and watch him. If he didn’t start using it in a day or so, we should take him to an orthopedic doctor.
Thankfully there was no need for that. After a full 24 hours of not being able to use his arm, my husband lifted him, as easily as possible, from his car seat, and we heard a pop. Like the snap of your fingers, his arm sprang to life, and he couldn’t have been more normal. Through it all, he was the best baby you ever saw. Just as happy and playful as ever, he was simply lacking the use of his arm. I’m just so glad that it wasn’t traumatizing for him!
On to the two week before Christmas: It was the normal busy season of shopping, checking your list a million times, running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and of course lots of family. For the second year, we did our own snack night (Pigs in a blanket, cheese and crackers, that sort of thing) Christmas Eve, and looking at lights; it’s becoming our own tradition, that of course includes a Christmas movie before bed. I attempted to make our Christmas light trip extra special by making my very how hot chocolate, from a crockpot recipe (and my own creation). It was nice, but it was also what I imagine drinking from Willy Wonka chocolate water fall would be like.
Christmas Day- We did our own Christmas bright and early, followed by breakfast and preparing for our long day. After a couple of hours of Christmas morning fun, we hosed the kids off, packed – checked our list, and loading up. We were off to visit the grandparents.
First stop was my family, about a 30 to 40 minute drive to the coast. Where we spent a couple hours visiting and eating. Followed by chasing our children while praying they break nothing, because the house is packed with people, and the little ones will slip through anywhere they think they can fit. Never minding the tables full of glass figures, or the full cups that lay about.
After our good-byes, we load back up and hit the road for a 3 hour ride to Lake City. (That’s if no one has to pee) Here we spend a few hours with family, eat more (die from over fill), let kids run as much energy off as they can out, and finally around 8, we hit the road again. Thankfully, we have a DVD player in our truck with multiple screens so the trip normally goes smoothly. (Best money I ever spent when it comes to long trips)
This is where it gets fun (haha), this year my 2year old became sick on the ride home. By the second house he had begun to feel better, and decided to eat some. However, people kept letting him get sweets. This lead to him puking, after a coughing fit, while on the way home. Which I predicated would happen, just 5 minutes before it did. We were able to pull over and I kick it into super mommy mode. Before the truck is stopped, my hands are filled with napkins. As soon as possible, I jump out and I’m in the back like the Flash. Just in time to clean the first little round up, and to conveniently catch the second huge wave in one of my hands. All while placing napkins under my hand to catch any over spill.
All of this took place on the side of a dark back road, while dressed in a big fluffy robe. (What? I got it for Christmas, and put it on just before we left for home. You ladies can understand the need to get out of that bra, I’m sure!) Within 10mins I had him cleaned (whore bath style), the car seat straps cleaned, him dressed and us back on the road. Thanks to another present, our continuing journey was filled with the scent of spring blossoms with a twist of vomit. Finally at a little after 10pm, we arrived back to our county. From there, we hit a friends’ house for more a little more, Christmas joy. By the time we arrive home it’s after midnight and the kids are off to bed. This is when mommy and daddy get to relax, if only for a moment.
Soon the New Year came and with it came news of many pregnant friends, as well as a pregnant family members. (The New Year seems to have that effects, haha) The greatest one to here of, was my cousin – who is more like a sister in my eyes. The moment I found out, I began crocheting a blanket for her. The excitement was so much that I had it quickly done in a few days; with baby – their married name (stitched on), as well as when they found out they were expecting, and when the date they first saw baby. It’s very cute if I do say so myself! Along with this, I’ve started a few other projects for them – with many more in mind.
The New Year has also brought my family new goals, this year were biting the nail and venturing into furniture making. (I’m very crafty and would rather build my own) I love the things I make for myself, and want to do more general and custom pieces for others. With this I would also like to start selling my crocheted work (since I’ve had many people ask me where they can buy my stuff). We have a lot planned, and a lot of people working with us on this – to help strengthen us.
So here is to hoping for an even better future and life for us, as well as all the others out there looking for it.

I believe that’s all have for you now, I imagine if I missed something of importance than it really wasn’t all that important. Have an awesome day or night where ever you may be in the world, or space for that matter. Haha
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