Wednesday Randomness

Here we are again, yet another Wednesday to mark off in the calendars.
Welcome to our 4th edition of Wednesday randomness.
1. I wish my husband didn’t like car shows so much. It’s not that I mind them, but they all talk so mono toned. It puts me to sleep, I’m trying so hard to pay attention, and before I know it, I’m passed out. Maybe if they could spice it up a bit. Take all the hot guys in your shop, and let us get shirtless action….a cheer, dance, anything. Make it a little more exciting for the lady viewers. (I’m just realizing if that happened – my husband would be less likely to watch it. This could be a plus on both sides. haha.)
2. I don’t understand parades, it just seems like a whole lot of money to spend. What’s the gain from these things?
3. I knew last Thursday was a an off day when I couldn’t remember how to use my windshield wipers. I live in Florida, where the weather is Bi-polar, and some weeks it never stops raining. It got worse when I tried to leave the store ,and expected to reverse – only to find I’d put the truck in drive…good thing I didn’t nail it.
4. I finally got to watch Nashville from last week, I was super mad to find that the first few minutes were soundless. No huge deal, I could turn the captions on. That turned out to only half help, because the words and sentences were all choppy. Finally the sound comes back into play, but now there is an extra voice narrating everything the people do. It ruins all the hot and heavy moments, I mean I knew they were going to kiss…but saying every move they make, kind of ruins the whole scene. * such in such takes off coat. Such in such, set bag down. Such in such, is going to kiss such in such.* how annoying!
5. Why do people feel the need to ask me a million questions? Text it, email it, send it in a letter…I prefer it so much more than being asked face to face, or on the phone. If you call me, or we talk in person, then you want an answer right this minute. I feel rushed, my brain jumps into over drive as I weight my options, and what ever details you’ve given me. All while you stand there staring me down or breathing heavily in my ear as you wait for the answer. I can’t take the pressure, if you want to pick up doughnuts, then pick them up. Do we need something to drink? Well if your getting doughnuts, I guess we might need something to help us choke them down.  What would have taken us two minutes in a text has now taken us ten minutes.

6. Finding Dory, I’m super excited there’s a second to Finding Nemo. I’m pretty sure that I’m more excited than the kids are. I just really hope they put another turtle scene in it. I just love those hippy/surfer sounding turtles.
7. What point in motherhood is a good time to go on strike? Do we have to put a certain number of years in first? Like if you try to strike before 10 yrs then your not really trying, but after 10 yrs it’s fair game. By this point, the kids you have should be old enough to do for themselves. Yeah, 5 mores years, and I’m striking my way into a no-family vacation. Once I know everyone can feed themselves and dad will be able to handle them better. *sigh* only 5 more years to drinks by the water somewhere, and childless silence.
8. I’m conflicted at nap/cartoon time. I want them to watch something educational or with good moral lessons. I want to watch mind numbing cartoons like Animaniacs, Angry Beavers, Sponagebob (I’m only naming these because their kid friendly. I’d really rather be watching South Park, Family Guy and things of that sort.) 
This conflict has brought me to realize a big difference between my parents and myself. They played a South Park soundtrack in the car, they listened to I.C.P, and I don’t think most parents of elementary aged children would normally do this. My family is way weird, I couldn’t be more happy to be grown and out of the crazy.
9. I have to keep reminding myself to take a minute and eat. Saturday was another day I went all day without realizing I hadn’t eaten until I was on the verge of passing out. I don’t feel any more busy than normal but can’t remember to grab a bite. I imagine I’m just adjusting from the two weeks I was sick and couldn’t eat. 
10. My baby will be one on the 16th, I have no idea what we will be doing. Pretty sure I’m procrastinating a plan because I’d rather he just not turn one. Give me one more year of the baby stage! If he could just shrink back down to birth size on his birthday, I’d be okay with that.

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2 Responses to Wednesday Randomness

  1. Krissy P says:

    OMG, I totally told my husband that I was going to wake up and walk out in front of the house and picket. I think anytime is time to go on strike if you're tired enough… and we aaaare.

  2. 🙂 I wish it was that easy, my family would have a melt down if I went anywhere other than the kitchen to make breakfast. Id give a ton of things for a giant cloud bed and a week of blissful, uninterrupted sleep….a hot meal would be nice too. Hahaha one day…

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