What’s The World Coming To?

It’s a terrible shame what our world has become….well, maybe it’s always been this way. Sometimes I wish I could wave a wand and change the world for the better.  Our streets are full of homeless people, our schools are full of starving kids, and our inmates have three square meals a day, a TV, gym and a dry place to sleep. (Something seems wrong with this.)
There is no reason why our world should be so bad off. Here’s the things I’d change-
1. The president- (not referring to one) We put a person or family up in a giant house, we pay them a huge amount of money. (They’re really just a face for our government) the president is an overly glorified celebrity.  Tell me why our school funds suffer so much while presidents take million dollar vacations. I’m sorry, maybe it’s because I’m part of the blue collar working class, but if I were president, I would be 110% happy to have Christmas in the White House. I wouldn’t feel the need to jump over to Hawaii, or any other major vacation destination.
I wouldn’t feel the need to throw huge parties, make pointless and unhelpful TV appearances (you know shows like myth busters, Big Bang theory…crap that just doesn’t matter.), and I wouldn’t feel the need to buy clothes that cost hundreds of dollars – certainly not thousands.  (I don’t even want to spent $20, it just needs to cover my body.) This is one simple way to help our world. You could never convince me that if our over-paid government took that money they love to flash around, and put it into our businesses, schools and everywhere else it’s needed, that we wouldn’t be better off.
I don’t understand why government should be paid so well (I make decisions every day, no one pays me millions to do it.) I understand they have a lot to do, it must be terribly hard to vote on things like gay marriage, or taxes. “Should we increase our pay another million this year, or should we lower the taxes and take a pay cut?”  To a simple, every day person, the answer seems easy – but what do I know?
Am I a bad person because I think our focus is in the wrong place? I just cannot figure out why we pay people so much to basically sit around and discuss things! I’m sorry if I’m wrong for believing that we should pay the farmers, teachers, truck drivers, semi mechanics, and other blue collar/everyday working man/woman, a little more. The president tries to make sure no one blows us up (they’re ok at this, but if someone is going to blow us up…then they are going to blow us up…that’s just how it is.) The farmer grows my food, raises my meat and takes a beating from the weather. If we didn’t have him, we wouldn’t have fruit and veggies filling our stores, or an endless selection of meat. (The same goes for fishermen, or anyone who truly contributes to our world and lives.)
*sigh* I wasn’t meant to live in this time….I’m meant for a time when life was simple, towns were smaller and the community truly came together as one, when in need. (You know, like in the movies when a bad storm is coming and the town comes together to help pull in the crop and save the day?)
Anyhow, let’s move on..
2. Celebrities- (Yes, I’m going there too.)  Okay, I’m not a celebrity so I can’t give you an exact number but their lives are blasted all over the Internet so I believe we can get an idea. I’ve read that Robert Pattison (Edward Cullen in Twilight) was paid $25 million just to make one movie…one movie!  After sales, he reportedly received $41 million….once again, for just one movie! In the end, he reportedly received $600 million in total for the all movies, and sale revenue. (I’m not him, I don’t know, but it’s a lot, and we need an example – so go with it.)
I then read that he was being paid $12 million to be the face of Dior…$12 million to take his pictures….$12 million for his face….is anyone else feeling me here? Are you seeing it? You should be screaming at the computer! You should be enraged. Why are people homeless? Why are veterans suffering? Why are children going hungry? Why is anyone having to live week to week just hoping to get by? Why are our schools suffering? Why are our teachers being paid so little? How is a celebrity so much more important than a teacher? Why are there people in need? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD? ……I just cannot understand it….it’s terribly shameful, if you ask me!
Just take the $612 Million in question – First off, no one needs that much money. (I understand after tax and all that, but it will still be way too much) If he simply took $611 million (I’ll be super nice and give him a million.) of that and put it into our communities, into our world….would we not be better off? Maybe I’m an idiot, but I think $611 million dollars could do a lot change.
That’s just one celebrity – one huge lump sum to act and look pretty. The world is full of celebrities, some are making way more, and some are making less. The point is that if each one of them kept only (I’ll be nice again, because no one need this much.) $1 million a year, and the rest goes into making the world a better place, than it would be! I imagine that if all of them did this, yearly billions (I don’t know exacts), maybe trillions.. would be going into changing the world and bettering everyone’s lives.
Now they could even take it a step further by moving into reasonable houses. No one needs a multi-million dollar house, they defiantly don’t need multiple multi-million dollar homes. No one, short of a farmer (or things alike.) needs 100’s of acres. This makes no sense! We don’t have enough homes for everyone, we don’t have enough land, we don’t have enough money, we don’t have enough food….are you kidding me?
If all celebrities lived in a normal, reasonable home, then that’s another billion (or trillion) we could take off the debt, and put towards health care, or helping the little man out! It’s shameful, just shameful.
Now let’s move on.
3. All overly rich people- Yes, I’m calling you out too. I’m talking the Donald Trumps, the Howard Sterns, the Facebook guy, and all the ones like them. If you have more than (being nice) $1 million a year, you have too much! I don’t care if you’re a business owner (talking to you Wal-Mart.), I don’t care if you’re a radio personality, I don’t care if you just fell into the money, I don’t care if you’re a chef – it does not matter what you do or who you are. You have too much money, and need to put it all back into world!
Here’s a perfect example: I have a friend who does a little bit of everything. He’s been working for a very rich woman, helping her to get her million dollar home ready to sale all because her neighbor built his bigger….you know, rich people problems. One of the tasks he had was to clean the dog’s room which just happens to be bigger than his entire house! The lady tells my friend that the dog is friendly, but she hasn’t seen it in a few months. Apparently the dog just lives in this room and boy did my friend have a mess to clean up! The house is huge, at least 20 rooms, and that’s not counting the bathrooms, kitchen or anything of the like. Two people live in it…along with the dog and a cat. Yeah, you have WAY too much money if you have a house like this! If you have a room dedicated to your dog, to live as he please, you have way too much money!
No one needs a million dollar car, or a garage full of cars that equal millions. No one needs a house so big that 20 or more families could live in it, or on the land. No one needs $500 dollar phones every other week. No one needs a closet full of clothes that cost more than the average home. Get real! No one should be living that way. There is just no reason for it, but what’s worse is to live that way, and watch as other people suffer. To only donate “write off” to charities, this makes me insanely mad! All these overly rich people who do so “much” for charity, they give a whopping $10 thousand (a way to work around those taxes a little), it’s so insulting in comparison to what they make, and have sitting in their various bank accounts.
Why should they have so much? What makes them better? I don’t see it, I don’t think any of them are more worthy of it than our children, health, old people, or VETERANS!!! The list goes on and on.
*sigh* shameful, just shameful.
People complain that we can’t change the world when clearly we can, we could have already. Are our priorities that messed up? Is it so important to have everything that we would let children starve, homeless people freeze to death, and the sick go untreated? I don’t think it is, but sadly a lot of people must. Including our presidents (past and present.)
Why is it that those of us who have what we need, a little or even just enough, can go out and lend a hand? We give what little we have to help, from giving in church to buying a homeless man a meal with your last $5. There are so many out there who would suffer themselves, if it helped someone out. They might miss one meal, one day that week, but the homeless veteran man starving on the street corner has a full belly, and feels a little better. I could let my stomach rumble a little if it helped out someone who hadn’t eaten in days…couldn’t you?
It’s all about our priorities and the choices we make.  Our world, our lives, our children’s futures – don’t have to be this way! We don’t have to watch people suffer. We don’t have to feel helpless. We don’t have to live above our needs. We can change the world! We can house all our people. We can feed everyone. We could all enjoy our lives. We could all make the world a better place.
However, I’m not stupid and I know the chances of this happening are very, very slim. None-the-less, I’m still going to do my part, even though I’m nowhere near rich. Even if I have to skip a meal, even if I’m tired, even if I’m super poor…doesn’t matter, I’ll do my part – because someone has to. If people don’t take a stand, if people don’t lend a hand, if we don’t open our eyes, then the world is never going to be a better place.

So just think about that every-time you see a person in need. Every time you go to throw something away that someone else could use (clothes, blankets…etc.). Every time you watch those over paid actors, and every time you go to buy overly expensive material possessions. Think about it, and then do something to change the world. Skip buying the latest phone this month, and help someone in need. Donate that money, items, or your time. Just do something for someone else! Make our world a better place to live in. Make ALL of our lives better, not just a select group. Make a stand, lend a hand and make a change today, for a better tomorrow.  
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