Writers Are Minions To Words

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Wikipedia defines Minions as a follower devoted to serve his/her master.

You’re probably wondering what that has to do with anything? Well, apparently it has to do with a lot. If you follow my Facebook page (click here), then you may have seen a welcome post that referred to my fans as minions. What was purely a joke, launched from my deep-seeded want to take over the world. : -) Turned out to be more true then I had imagined.

If you’ve been following the blog awhile now, you know that I’ve referred to my readers as many things. Randomly, I’ve tested out names, but none of them seemed to fit. Follower is a boring word, fans are for the famous, net, web and online traveler is just lame. From one simple joke, I’ve decided that I will call you my minions, but we will take the whole “master” part lightly.

Here’s why.

After I posted it on Facebook, I suddenly felt overly drawn to the word. I wanted to call you all my minions, but admit that I didn’t know the exact definition of the word. Of course I had an idea and the idea was pretty spot on, but it wasn’t until I read that definition that I fully got what minion could mean. (Not sure why, I might be a little slow. All my crayons might not be in the box, if you know what I mean.)

We are all minions to so many things. We are minions to ourselves, minions to our jobs, minions to our homes, minions to our families and even sometimes, minions to our friends. As for writers we are minions to words.

Words are our masters, they demand we put them out into the world. (sometimes too much…everyone knows the annoying person who talks too much. I would have been that person, but I do all the talking in my head, or on paper..screen-board? I don’t know, just add this to the many reasons I may end up being the crazy lady on the corner, talking to herself.)

Back to the point, me minions…arrrrggghh. <— Pirate ( This will make sense later, promise.)

The words rely on us to take them from lonely little thoughts, to powerful, livings forms of their own. These words are party hounds, they love to be apart of a crowd. They need to mingle and mix. There drug of choice are sentences, but that’s just a gate way to paragraphs. Before you know it, you’re surrounded by them. They befall you like the delicately aging leaves of fall.
In no time, you are engulfed in them. Some would say, up to your chin in them.

Their power is unlimited, they can take on endless forms and meanings when brought together. Words can bring love, war, peace and destruction. They can bring worlds together and tear them apart. Joy, fear, laughter, anger and inspiration are only a few more of the things words can conjure.

One spout of writers block (which just freaking kicked in, due to my need to make lunch….*sigh* thank my kids and husband….who could burn water…haha shhhhh..) you’d know that it’s not the writer who controls the words but the words, that control the writer. They come and go as they please, they influence greatness and ensue failure sometimes. They bounce about at random through our minds, demanding we place them in an interesting order that amounts to lively, life changing material for those we converse with. For those who hear us, see us and read our work. They must get out….they’re as bad as those dang Bebe’s Kids ( Please let me know if you know that reference. I’d really love to know who remembers that movie.)

Sometimes, words plague our minds but I don’t think it’s such a bad thing. How could you not love something that when put together, could be as beautiful as

“Me only have one ambition, y’know. I only have one thing I really like to see happen. I like to see mankind live together – black, white, Chinese, everyone – that’s all. Bob Marley”.

He said so much more than even he may have known. He brought words together that changed people’s lives – that made them think openly. He promoted spreading love. Very simple words came together and formed a powerful statement. I mean, shouldn’t this be something we all want? To live together as one, with out worry of judgement, or harm by others? I think so.

Words are just an amazing thing in our lives, something I’m sure we put little, “real” thought into. My point is that, minion, isn’t such a bad word after all. We’re not slaves to others, or even words, were more a transportation system. Being a minion is really just a part of life when you think about it. Just as the jungle has a food chain, we have various chains of minions. Each minion is a master to another minion, and each master is a minion to another master. Its just one big circle, working together to complete a cycle.

I think I’ve proven that words can do many things, from taking you off to a pirates land, or inspiring you with a little wishful thinking. With that being said, and my crazy rationalization, I think you all should be happy to be referred to as my minions. : ) (Muhahaha….. World domination. Haha) Welcome all my Minions, spread the word and help form a strong minion army.)

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8 Responses to Writers Are Minions To Words

  1. Julia Chiang says:

    Great post….I love the word Minions…..I think I first started liking it when we watched Despicable Me.

    Thanks for joining our Show Off Your Blog Party. I'm one of the co-host.

    A Dose of Jules

  2. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and leaving some comment love!

  3. Jessica Dy says:

    Hi Danie,

    Great post! You can call me a minion anytime :). I like how it rolls off the tongue :). Thank you for stopping by The Show Off Blog Party!

    The Wondering Brain

  4. : ) thanks for coming by and leavening some comment love!!

  5. after reading this post and learning the meanings of minion..I cannot believe I never even looked the definition up when I heard that word so many times and never knew the meaning!!! oh my gosh., I am officially changing my habits today.

  6. I felt the same way, I love to look up words but had never looked up this one and couldn't believe that I didn't really know the meaning. 🙂 Thanks for coming by and commenting!

  7. CJ says:

    You are oh so right about us writers being minions to words. The ones we write and the good ones we read. It really does wrap what being a writer is up in a nutshell!

    From fellow minion. CJ


  8. Thanks so much for stopping by and for the awesome comment! It's always good to hear from a fellow minion and I LOVE your blog name!

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